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  • cobchc cobchc Feb 9, 2006 2:33 PM Flag

    Beware of Retired's predictions

    To the uninformed: When this stock was sitting at 2.30....he was advising caution and telling us that his "sources" close to the company were saying that Hume's changes would have much effect until late 06....Oooooops so much for that 100% gain...buyer beware......

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    • Retired was the 'DAIO skeptic' for a while, advising not to enter until a true turnaround was in in place. However, his postings reflected his analysis and evaluation, and he was not simply bashing for bashings sake. On these boards, you benefit most when all offer their honest opinions. Constant cheerleading or bashing benefit noone.

      Along with many others, I was buying in the lower two's because it suited my investment style. But I don't think Retired is a bottom feeder.

      Retired did state his change of opinion on DAIO, and was able to catch much of this move before lift-off. Of course he was fortunate with his timing, (the stock took off within a week of his purchase), however if he happened to miss that move, I'm certain he would have been buying in the upper three's without crying about it. I know many can't look at these boards daily, but Retired specifically announced when he was buying, and that he was looking to buy more.

      In the end, when you miss a big gain, or take a big loss, you have to self evaluate and move on. Holding a grudge against a poster, or blaming the market is not going to help.

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      • Agreed...and agree that I have only myself to blame for missing this run...I don't normally pay much attention to message boards....of course it was a message board that got me interested in DAIO to begin with...when Fuji was kind enough to give me this tip. It just frustrated me when a clearly legitimate poster like Retired claimed to have sources in the know...whose info turned out to be very very wrong (100% and counting)...he was so adamant and so articulate that it caused me to question my own research and judgment... Fuji's arguments during his debate with Retired were persuasive...the market cap of this issue at 2.30 at the time was absurd! and the trading patterns of the stock clearly indicated that it could spike hard on the slightest positve news...and the downside was so limited!!! oh well live and learn...I plan to buy in strength on the next dip...and I beleive I will still be happy with this investment longterm...nuff said on this issue...appreciate the input on this of the best I have stumbled across...too late to enter the contest...but here are my picks...IDWK...EZEN.ob...IBAS

    • All is good, stops are in place. A word of caution is a good thing. Most of my purchases were in the $2.50 range. I am bullish enough on DAIO to add more and feel good about it.

      I believe Data IO is well positioned for future growth. Retired and many others have offered research on this board I am to lazy to dig up. I for one appreciate the information, insight and humor.

      Good Investing!

    • Cobchc:

      Sorry to see you are in one of your lousy moods once again. I would be feeling the same way too if I were currently without a positon in this equity. My advice to you is to always think on your own feet. Never let anybody do it for you - - it works for me - - give it try. I could do a rebuttle to your latest message but its not worth the effort on my behalf. All I can say to you is "good luck" and I hope you have a better day tomorrow.


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