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  • winallin12 winallin12 Dec 27, 2012 11:38 AM Flag

    TPLM or SYRG


    I know you are familiar with both. Just curious, with these two stocks close to the same price and market cap do you or others have any thoughts on them.

    I actually own big chucks of both as an FYI but it never hurts to keep evaluating

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    • I am long both the stocks.........

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • if it were my money , i would sell out of tplm, and move the money into syrg..pick and choose the sales days..I really think for the size of player syrg can make more BOPD in the Niobrara for 10 Million $$ then TPLM can make in the Bakken for 10 Million $$$.. ..
      i do believe all the smaller player in the bakken are getting pushed back by CLR,Hess,COP ( include BR in COP ) WLL, for services and pricing of services..
      We are now in winter with a foot of snow on the ground, so the next 3 months is winter, then the month of Mud.. and if a wet spring that MUD months will stretch into late May..
      So if you are a small fish, who waits and who pays.. when the roads are ((*&^^&*(() condition.
      if you go to NDIC and look at the list of active drillers.. their are more small drillers ..JMHO don

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      • In keeping with your comments regarding more oil for the buck in Wattenburg vs Bakken, Noble recently tripled their estimate of recoverable oil in Wattenburg.

        But then you have to start considering the 2nd, 3rd and 4th benches in the 3 forks and projections of 30 plus wells per drilling section.

      • Don

        Thanks for the input. I would tend to agree that for an equal investment the Wattenburg is likely a better place to be and Synergy holds some prime land

        One point though on the services. Triangle owns their own well completion co. Gets their wells done quickly at a savings of 1 million per well and 1 million profit when doing a third party well. Lots to consider

    • SYRG....Worth at least $7.50/share on DCF basis IMO. Insiders own over 20% of shares o/s and a lot of recent insider buying. Based on their Dec 2012 presentation posted at their web site, costs to drill new wells in 2013 estimated to be $1-$2K/well versus other competitors cost at $4-$5K/well. Will use internally generated cash to pay for capital so no additional debt or share dilution in near future. Have a plan to significantly increase production. SYRG gross margins higher than TPLM and SG&A expenses much lower. SYRG has no debt, TPLM debt to equity 58% based on Q3'12. Good luck with your investments in 2013!

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      • SYRG management appear to run a tight ship which obviously caught the attention of the market.It's had a December to remember run,only wish I could of been a part of it.Put it on my watch list 3 weeks ago and much to my chagrin that's exactly what I did,,,,watched it.Should of pulled the trigger but got a little cautious with all this fiscal cliff drama swirling around which changed my watch list to a wish list.Now I'm wondering if the stock still has legs or is it fully valued or does it take a breather before the next run.Really impressed with how management runs the co. while growing reserves,getting the biggest bang for each invested buck and maintaining a clean balance sheet also.

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