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  • phatkatt612 phatkatt612 Jun 1, 2008 2:59 AM Flag

    jus thinkin funny how you read ihub but dont post

    capnjim? or whomever you are that got booted there lol now hiding over here lol.keep it up there guy and jus member you aint impressing anyone here lol cuz there isnt anyone here that cares bout you or what you say hence why you resort to weak attacks..which that must reallyyyyyy get to ya that noone cares bout you so now i guess i see why you have to do what you do here and claim your shorting lol!i see it now lol too sad but yet funny at the same time.Thanks for givin me somethin to do tonite for a few hours while watchin tv before bed lol.)you started it and now we will finish it PERIOD cuz i know there is no f in way you will even begin to comprehend nor see it how others do while showing respect.Your hating of jcds and longs there shows jus how skewed your game is not to mention how the chemical imbalance is in need of clinical help.Again FACTS SPEAK VOLUMES TRACK RECORDS SPEAK VOLUMES AND YOU NOW BOUT TO BE GOIN THE WAY OF THE DINOSAURS WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT UP!Aint gonna kill us either it goes but surely would for you if you truely short have fun covering when top comes off and know that it is gonna be nice and fun watchin you slither and panic when it does catch fire.)K im done now have fun talkin to yourself and i will come back here when we win or you lose!You know where to find me if you want to keep it up unless you jus to dang fake and keep at it here.Good riddance and have fun reading all our posts on ihub while NOONE reading yours cept for a laugh lol

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