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  • wisenheimer_98 wisenheimer_98 Jul 19, 2002 8:09 PM Flag

    Web site dwindling, along with the cash

    I haven't looked at in a while.

    In the good news category, I don't see the 'Biology is biology' intro any more.

    Good idea. Duh.

    In the bad news category, the 'Products/Programs' section now includes only:

    - BMP Pathway (and a short paragraph)
    - Hedgehog pathway (and a shorter paragraph)
    - Validated Approach (and a couple paragraphs about SYK).

    HEY! Look at the last paragraph - they forgot to exorcise the "biology is biology" line...

    No more powerpoint presentations, no more streaming presentations... no more pictures of the key executives and the board.

    Do I smell 'disassocation'?

    Why wouldn't they want their names associated with turning a meager $2 BILLION market cap into a whopping $30 MILLION?


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    • Chicken...

      See you at .50


    • Event, my advise to you would be get hold of yourself. In your case that's where your problem may lie.

      First you bashed it, then you pumped it, now you bash it. Nothing has changed in the short time you came here & posted. All the negatives were out there for public consumption.

      You proved that you can't be taken serious. You have been added to the CRIS hall of shame along with the phony diamond & others.

    • Look,

      Make the same bet...I say we see .50 & convertable financing. Say three to four million for a dilution of six to eight million shares...

      CHALLENGE is MADE Care to AcCePt?


    • Bottom line here with this would have could have discussion CRIS will not be sued for the loss of value in their stock. If it happens & they loose I WILL KISS YOU KNOW WHAT IN MACY'S WINDOW.

      Now on to another topic.

    • Judges try cases with and without juries. Smart plaintiff's lawyers ask for juries. Allegations are made to be proven or disproven. Discovery may take months. Depositions are taken also requiring months.
      Hundreds if not thousands of legal hours are invested. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent and the case is not yet in court. The defendants are footing the bill personally.

      If the defendants cannot pay for counsel the case goes to default. If they can pay they are still personally responsible for the defense legal bill.

      Criminality has nothing to do with the procedure described. Dollars out the door is what it is all about.

      In this scenerio which is typical the case has yet to be reviewed by the court to decide whether to proceed or not. That is the routine like it or not.

    • >>Litigation is already in the works according to at least one investor who was raising hell at the recent stock holders meeting who claims to have been harmed by more than $10 million in loss of shareholder value.

      As for shooting the messenger, shoot away. >>

      The shareholders loss has increased to more than $10 million since the meeting so what. Let the buyer beware. As an owner of an underwriting company for Directors and Officers Liability Insurance you should be able to point out where CRIS hurt the shareholders. Your point is well take about frivolous suits, in the case of CRIS there is no wrong doing on the part of the company. A suit of that kind will be thrown out of court at the first hearing for lack of merit.

      I am not shooting the messenger. I am saying you have not proved your case that CRIS is guilty of any wrong doing.

      Based on what is a given here is a scenario.

      The plaintiff enters the court. The judge looks up from the bench after reading the brief & says, Sir you claim to have lost over $10 million dollars in your investment in Curis. Your contention is the company should have prevented the stock price from its free fall, thus being negligent & criminal. Sir you have not shown where the law was broken according to all documents available the company has made all the proper filings with the SEC & all press releases that I have read showed nothing was false or misleading. No proof of negligence or criminality was evident.

      Therefore it is the opinion of this court that your suit is frivolous & without merit.

      My advise to you sir is to take responsibility for your bad investments.

      Case closed end of story.

    • You are the one who elicits anger. The trait of delusion. I think you need to note how you REACT to issues as they relate to you're investment.

      As it loses value...


    • As an owner of an underwriting company for Directors and Officers Liability Insurance I have seen every kind of law suit from shareholders. It mattered not at all that a good number of them were frivolous.
      The legal actions cost millions. Many settle with the defendant paying to stop the litigation. Shareholder litigation more often than not do not resolve the issues raised based on the merits of the case.

      The shareholders are looking for recourse to the deep pockets.

      However if you don't wish to do the research to see what causes shareholder suits that is up to you.

      Litigation is already in the works according to at least one investor who was raising hell at the recent stock holders meeting who claims to have been harmed by more than $10 million in loss of shareholder value.

      As for shooting the messenger, shoot away.

    • Jeff you posted this a few days ago

      Re: bmp and medtronic
      by: event_horizon_iii (33/M/EVENT HORIZON)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 07/03/02 01:54 pm
      Msg: 6414 of 6476

      Makes good sense...

      Op-1 & $135 million they must be convinced they have something... We are not talking about nominal interest here. They must have strong evidence. Op-1 assit value must be worth a lot with various applications... Just a guess...

      Thing is there will be all sorts of talk in advance of market valuation. CRIS will trade higher...

      Double down now while ya can...


      Jeff no matter how you try to cover up, the above post proves you loved CRIS strong buy double up. The fundamentals have not changed.

      To continue this discussion further will be a waste of time. You proved yourself a fool or someone with an agenda. Your first posts were all negative were you accumulating? Your next posts were pump positive were you selling?

      No one could be that stupid without an agenda.

    • Jeff as you state,

      Little Op-1 revenues.
      Cash tightens.
      Insider buying announcement being a Joke.
      Little other than OP-1 any time soon.
      Failure to make any significant collaborations of recent memory.
      Continued decline in shareholder value.

      You knew all this & yet your sentiment was strong buy.

      >>Sure you might be right. You're failure to hear others opinions that suggest problems & you're failure to address those issues tells me you are either delusional or have an agenda ( ie work for some self interested party or both.>>

      I hear other peoples opinions & make comments. Did you know that's the purpose of these boards. I agree there are problems that have to be addressed. My agenda here is to exercise my right to comment & find your posts waivering back & forth. Maybe an agenda on your part, or you are just plane delusional.

      Have a nice day Jeff, nothing personal.

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