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  • apennyforyourthoughts81 apennyforyourthoughts81 Jan 15, 2005 8:42 PM Flag

    I think dermdoc is capoman69

    Strange as that may seem I think capo did some reading up on the science & was able to carry on a conversation with Drew or had his DR Laurie pumping him . As we all know Capoman69 is a fraud & simply put psychotic
    , dermdoc leaving the board for the reason he posted confirms my diagnosis.

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    • identity, sorry

    • lamberts_lunatic These statements fit you to a T
      One was left out you are a identy IMPOSTER.

      "You are two steps below a monkey".
      "You are as dumb as dirt"
      "Jerky someone thats deaf dumb & blind would finger you as brain dead."
      "You have a shoe size IQ."
      "You have never amounted to anything"
      "you will spend the rest of your life supported by your family."
      "You must feel like dirt no friends no money & everyone is suing you."

    • Do you mean Gwen? There�s no need to be coy, you know.

      On the contrary, your post makes no sense. To my mind Gwen is the target of trolls such as you. Your posts are simply for your own amusement and appear to serve no other purpose.

      On the other hand there are a number of legitimate contributors to and readers of this board -- people who are interested in trading or the management of the firm or the science behind it � and I believe Gwen to be one of them. It was to Gwen and to them that I was apologizing for burning up bandwidth and taking up space on the message listing.

      More than once I�ve reminded Gwen to try and ignore posts from trolls. Given that, I thought it only appropriate to apologize for not following my own advice.

    • Thats not amusing Edna. It is scarey that your life is in such a pathetic state that this is what passes for amusement for you.

    • Why are you apoligizing to Edna for your behavior ? She is the primary source of "troll feeding". Your post makes no sense at all.

    • I assure you, the irony of Joe's posts is not lost on me.


    • Dear Jemma,

      No problem ,Jemma. Every once in a while someone likes to take a swipe at him. The thing that we all forget is that spoon feeding an animal can be dangerous !

      Since I put him on ignore, it is amusing to only see what someone else is saying. Also, the clusters of hidden messages really pile, it's funny to see that he mostly speaks to himself all day one form or another.


    • Gwen, et. al.,

      My apologies for feeding the troll. I had a bit of free time. That�s my only excuse.


    • There�s another one. On a fairly regular basis you post a real whopper and hilarity ensues.

      A google search of �Descriptive Classifications of Intelligence Quotients� reveals 62 hits of that exact phrase and the first site has your table.

      No, really, how was it measured? If it was from a commercial establishment you might want to try to get your money back.

    • IQ Tests are primarilly used to measure intelligence potential in children. Once you are an adult, the primary measure for intellignece is accomplishments. Based on the time you spend here, I would guess you measure pretty low using that yard stick.

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