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  • caseycaseyk caseycaseyk May 20, 2005 12:50 PM Flag


    Any normal person who finds out that eveyone wants him to go away ( and he has no reason or investment to stick around) would just go away. Why don't you? Are you that freaking ignorant that you can't see that you are not wanted here?

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    • Jemmaq- you are dead on in your comments- don't bother trying to reason with chill- he clearly is here to agitate only

    • Chill,

      As �tiresome� as it may seem to you, I never said that Joe�s post is absurd. You were the one to jump to that conclusion. In fact after your post #46836, when you first intimated that I considered Joe�s post absurd, I immediately made an effort to clarify my usage of the word and correct your misconception in #46841. This was all within about 20 minutes of the subject coming up.

      Regardless, you again misrepresented my remarks in #46885, suggesting that I apologize for calling Joe�s accusation �absurd�, when, in fact, I didn�t.

      After I again made a post to correct your misconception, you state, yet again, in #46908 that I called Joe�s post absurd, provide a quote where it�s clear that I didn�t, and then assert that I �implied� Joe�s post was absurd.

      At what point to you choose to accept facts as they are or choose to disregard them and assign your own interpretation to a poster�s words?

      It�s small wonder that you characterize everyone who has a position different from yours as �groupthink� when you give yourself the freedom to disregard their words and assign whatever meaning you choose. So it�s also small wonder that some here reject your interpretation of events until you can present them with some sort of clarity.

      I understand that you�re frustrated at what you consider my inability or unwillingness to accept your position. But it appears to me that you may be conceptually unable to consider that someone might want to look at these events without your bias and without your agenda. I assure you I was sincere when I thanked you for presenting a first step of evidence. I was sincere when I thanked dbrewer16 for presenting his side of the events.

      All I�m suggesting is that you take with equal sincerity my position that Gwen�s comments regarding dbrewer16�s IP addresses is not sufficient to conclude (as you state in #46934) that:

      "GwenSilver2003" has access to personal Yahoo information for posters on this forum. If you question her posts, argue with her, trade in a fashion that she does not approve of, or anything else that sets here off, she will not hesitate to Post your private Yahoo information on this forum.


    • Doookie,

      Sure enough,Doookie,I will be sure to repost your post about your bigger than God Curis holding.As far as this comment of yours:
      " ... I am sure you will continue to spin nonsense like posting I buy trading shares on margin to divert the issue ???"

      You posted the margin information yourself !Look again:

      I'm In
      by: doookie9998
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 01/29/04 11:02 pm
      Msg: 25345 of 46916
      time to Margin up the wazoo .. what a great opportunity to make a some easy money.

      Easy money,Doookie? Let me ask you something.What the heck is a 58 year old guy living in Arizona buying a speculative Bio stock on MARGIN thinking? What went through your head to make you kiss the ground before you pulled a stunt like that?

      Simply amazing.

    • Sure, post you username and password to your trading account and I will let you know if I have more shares or not. Great Idea !

    • Doookie stated he owned more shares than anyone on the board ? Since as you stated Gwen, this is how you connected my ID to Doookie. Of course you will not find such a post, but I am sure you will continue to spin nonsense like posting I buy trading shares on margin to divert the issue ???

      I guess I would do the same smokescreen in light of finding a post where Gwen admits on the board that she does infact have inside connections to get at personal information. She used it on DBrewer because he pissed her off, and she has posted the personal information for many others here.

    • gwen_silver2003 The swine slaughtered on this board gets honorable mention for a public service. Then they will be discarded, not even fit for dog food.

    • Donvito,

      What do you think the current price of Pork Bellies is going for ? LOL,there must be some compensation for swine nowadays !

      Have a nice day.


    • gwen_silver2003 Nice job,you brought all the lying swine to the slaughter house.

    • for shares though I am not certain of that.But, based on his following post, one never knows!

      I'm In
      by: doookie9998
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 01/29/04 11:02 pm
      Msg: 25345 of 46916
      time to Margin up the wazoo .. what a great opportunity to make a some easy money.

    • So sorry, Dave

      This post from you to you (or your brother as you claim)takes the cake. Take a nice look around that timeframe.Notice how you and DCZQ played off of each other.You claimed that your brother played a joke on you. Interesting that his handle DCZQ is right there in your email address...yet you never found that odd? And,you address him as DCZQ thinking no one would make the connection?

      Give me a break.You never left here.You continue to post to this day.Remember,you have quite the little temper and you never like to lose.Who keeps posting against me everyday ? Still trying to swat back ?

      geez, can't a guy go to an AM meeting..
      by: dbrewer16
      Long-Term Sentiment: Buy 01/27/04 02:10 pm
      Msg: 25074 of 46916
      without the message board falling to pieces?

      I expected to see a bunch of quality, happy posts regarding today's move up, but then this little worm DCZQ rears his ugly head to the board.

      Hmmm...i didn't read all the posts, but:

      1. Saw he took a loss by grabbing this stock near the high.
      2. Posted he was in for 6-12 months.
      3. Sold a day later at a loss.
      4. Annoucned he shorted near the low.
      5. Is desperately bashing in hopes of making a quick buck.

      All the while, insulting the good people here.

      And I missed all this because I had to meet with my attorney to revise my living will.

      Part of me wishes I was gone already, as the thought of this planet being populated with the like's of DCZQ makes me rather ill.

      In regard to CRIS (isn't that why we are all here, anyway?), good to see a pop today, though we need some buyers on days without news to continue the upward momentum. Still holding my 5.87 long here, anticipating an exit near 6.35-6.40 next week.

      Good luck to all....even you, dczq, though you need much more than luck to solve your problems.


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