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  • giveme1clue giveme1clue Apr 29, 2011 12:21 PM Flag

    Is there a real fundamental reason for this sell off?

    The only reason I can think of is one or two analysts getting scared at the very rapid valuation of the stock. They basically decided to cash, take money off the table, and go on in search of other opportunities someplace else. At the same time they are advising their clients to cash on the earnings now, rather than keep taking the big risks of riding with the company.
    There have not been negative results in the trials, the conference call yesterday did not bring any surprises, and the stock is starting to get attention from the press and behind it, some new investors. The conference call actually clarified more the field for the new drugs in Curis pipeline: CUDC-101, CUDC-907, and Debio-0932. Not only they confirmed the continuation of the studies but also they opened the serious possibility of new trials (liver cancer). Considering all drugs in the pipeline, we can say that there are approximately 32-33 trials in progress or finished. And if you read about cancer treatment, there is a new wave of therapy coming: cancer stem cells. And drugs like GDC-0449 appear to be, at least in vitro, determinant. We are talking about a very small but very important cell population that is critical in developing resistance to standard chemotherapeutic agents and even more important in being the source of relapses and metastasis. I am beginning to get the idea that GDC-0449 alone, is effective in BCC and maybe in medulloblastoma (when there is no resistance), but in most other cancers it will have probably to be administered as a combination with a strong chemotherapeutic agent trying to control the population of cancer stem cells.
    No doubt there is a lot of risk in this stock (so-called “speculative stock”) but considering the potential of the drugs in the pipeline, I strongly believe it is worth. Just compare this biotech company with others that have only 1 or at most 2 drugs in the pipeline and are running most often only 1 or at most 2 trials. And probably, the same analysts that are downgrading Curis are still “buys” or” outperforms” in those other companies.

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    • ah yeah they shorted before earnings release and stock went up after so Roth had to help them out. Downgrade from buy to hold is not that bad it will correct with all the upcoming catalyst

    • here's the espoused reason for the explanation:

      Likewise, Curis Inc. /quotes/comstock/15*!cris/quotes/nls/cris CRIS -5.01% shares slid 4% after Roth Capital cut its rating to neutral from buy.

    • My 2 observations, cost = $.01 each: (1) analysts do this all the time; a stock runs up and they downgrade, that way they don't have to predict how long the run will last...classic CYA. (2)ain't it fun to watch the "free market" at work? And; I must admit I did not anticipate this dirty trick. NASDAQ is a real snake pit! GLTA

    • Why are some worried about the "sell off"? What sell off? The current price is higher than it has been in over 5 years with the exception of the last couple of days. We are at over 5 year high even with the slight pull back and some are concerned?

      While it is much more fun watching it go up a nickel, dime or more per day, we all know it can't keep going up like that day after day without some pullback along the way. For those of us who have been in this since at least November, the stock is triple what it was, TRIPLE. For those who recently invested at recent levels, if you did your due diligence prior to plunking down your hard earned money, why worry? For investors who have researched the company, today the known fundamentals are slightly better than they were 2 days ago IMO. We now have slightly more clarity about how well 101 is doing in an unmet need, liver cancer, we have more clarity, although still fuzzy, about the milestones we will get in the next year or so and we also have more clarity about the oral form of 101. If you are a day trader, then you are a total gambler and you might as well go to Vegas and plunk your money down on red or black, you have the same odds IMO.

      It is all great for the long term investors. Don't worry that the stock is only a few small percentage points lower than its over 5 year high just hit yesterday. We will exceed that shortly and we will exceed it by a large margin in the next year IF things work out as we hope and as our dd has pointed us to. GLTA and have a great weekend, onward and upward from here.

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      • derekrepath Apr 29, 2011 1:36 PM Flag

        I just wrote to Roth -these sort of investment Bankers need to be held accountable - nothing has changed to warrant their change from Buy to Hold.
        Iagree with you that any one with a little common sense would realise that not hitting an analysts estimate is unimportant and all that matters is do they have enough cash to get them through the next two years and are the clinical trials looking good - the answer to both is a resounding YES.
        We await June with further high hopes and feel sorry for those that sell without understanding the corruption caused by these manipuating Investment Bankers.

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