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  • pivalde pivalde Jul 28, 2011 10:26 AM Flag

    Good conference call !

    Very good presentation in many ways. A lot what we already knew but also new things and plans. BCC indication for 0449 seems to be bigger than earlier and looks to get accepted with the present info, also in Europe (?). 101 has a lot of potential and perhaps deals with it are already in plans, but only after as much new research as only possible for Curis, possible within 1/2 years (??).

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    • Tarceva is helpful but most likely 101 is even more helpful when it will have a possibility to demonstrate it:

    • All the news about 101 were very promising. 101 will compeat with Tarceva and it looks much better than Tarceva, now also in the patients. Tarceva sells 1.2B Swiss FR in a year, almost 1.5B US$. I do not think Roche will give this market to any competitor easily. Passeri told that there has been discussions with smaller and big pharma companies most likely about 101, because it would be next in line to be sold and Curis is too small to go to Ph3. It perhaps will do Ph1a + 1b studies in many different cancers and licence the product to a big pharma. Ph2 may be still possible for Curis if it gets it's 0449 royalties comming in but if it takes time, it may need to licence 101 perhaps already next spring.

    • Serious question here John. You know this is a "future" stock. The CC went well. You've invested a lot of money in it. You've been here for a long time. What do you think this retracement means?

      You can't say it's Curis's mgmt anymore cause they have little to do with the trials now. Yeah, they still own 101 but everyone knows that's a very distant product.

      Blame Roche? Blame Genentech? What say you?

    • Yeah. Great action in this piece of garbage.

    • I agree! The cc was very good and provided a few more tidbits of info that makes the long term prospects great IMO. The market size in only the US is 25-30,000 patients annually for 0449 for advanced bcc. Add in the rest of the world and I would guess you can multiply that several fold. Add in the potential for all the other indications including operable bcc and the market size could be very big indeed. The market size for only the US will make Curis a profitable company in just a very short period of time after approval IMO.

      The info about 101 keeps getting better and better. Granted 101 is years out but hearing about how many patients in the small trials have had stable disease where they have no other options is fantastic. I believe the CFO said something like 14 patients had at least stable disease out of 44 enrolled to date. pretty impressive considering they haven't even stratified the patient population. I hope they can hold onto this asset for a couple of years before partnering it out which will be contingent on how well 0449 does in regards to providing future cash flow. GLTA and things continue to look very promising on a long term basis.

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