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  • ding_king2000 ding_king2000 Apr 13, 2012 8:02 AM Flag


    The larger opportunity for Hedgehog inhibition with Erivedge could come from ongoing
    development in pancreatic cancer, small-cell lung cancer (SCLC), prostate cancer, sarcoma, and
    medulloblastoma. With primary focus on proof-of-concept data for Erivedge in pancreatic
    cancer following surprising failure of Infinity's (INFI, NR) Hedgehog inhibitor IPI-926, we
    believe that differences in the molecules and in trial design make generalization difficult, and
    we continue to believe that a strong rationale exists for Hedgehog inhibition in pancreatic
    cancer, targeted at surrounding tumor stroma.

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    • Or just plays card games on the computer or drives around Lexington all day long in his car?

      I honestly have no idea what he does all day - I am being completely serious.

    • sadly, he's really a scientist/patent lawyer, not an entrepreneur. probably puts in a lot of time reading journals, dotting i's, crossing t's. that's why CRIS spells patience.

    • To answer all your questions, yes. I have run a successful business, and continue to do so.

      Again, if Dan is not bringing in new investors and selling the story, considering they only have a handful of employees at HQ, and their R&D is outsourced to China, then Dan, is literally doing absolutely nothing all day long.

      It is quite simple.

    • Have you ever been in management? Have you ever run a company? Have you ever run a business other than a lemonade stand? I believe you haven't got a clue as to what it takes and you sit behind your keyboard and stay invested in a company where you have no faith in the people running it? You are clueless if you think businesses run themselves and are even more clueless as an investor if you put your hard earned money into companies where you have zero faith in management. If I had as little faith in the company's management I would be running from this investment.

      Sorry to the rest of the board for cluttering up the board regarding this and this will be my last response regarding the issue. GLTA

    • I will try to put in perspective. IDEC Pharma had Rituxan that looked very promising in clinical trials, and they were headed into phase III trials. It was at that time they entered into a collaboration with Genentech. A small company like that does not have a strong negotiating position. This was March 1995, I know, I was there. IDEC received what now seems like a ridiculous paltry sum of $56 million dollars in milestone payments and a sliding royalty stream that was high single digits and escalated into the mid-teens at the most.

      So cut the guys some slack on selling the Hedgehog at what now seems like too low of a percentage. Keep in mind that Wyeth had recently broken their collaboration with CRIS on probably the same molecule.

      Now going forward, since CRIS's rational drug approach is more or less validated via the recent approval of Erivedge, you should expect them to sign much more lucrative deals with higher up-front licensing fees and a better percentage of the sales. Immunogen is in a similar boat, they had to give away too much of T-DM1 to survive the development years, but a little of something is better than nothing at all.

      Chinese Hamsters

    • If Dan is failing to do business-development, and not getting new investors in CRIS, so they can do a financing now or later, then he is literally doing little or nothing all day long.

      He is not doing scientific work. He is not making sure sales go well. The clinical trials are in the hands of doctors. The R&D is in China.
      Ergo, Dan's main job is to get the stock up through getting new investors. Since he's not doing that, then he is literally getting paid nearly $1 million in cash+options/year, to do literally nothing but probably play on his computer all day long.

    • And why should I be specific with a question from you? I have asked you pointed questions in the past and all I get is "because I said so", or "if you only know what I know" type answers. You just love to complain but when asked specifically why you are complaining, you can't answer.

    • That's a nice comment snipped from the BMO Capital note in March.

      But why has Roche made no further comment beyond BCC?

      <<snip>>Is ROCHE articulating/discussing/showing evidence of additional excitement for hedgehog? <<>>

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