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  • pwstan pwstan May 18, 2012 8:12 PM Flag

    ok dd, ace, et. al.

    Please, please, please stop buying trading shares. You're killing me. I don't have the money to do what you're doing and these drops are gut wrenching (they're supposed to be, so I'm told), but that doesn't make it feel better. :-) Just kidding, I hope kind of obviously. But DD you do have a very proven track record now (what's it called; inverse relationship, yeah, that's what it is), of buying and the SP imploding.

    I will not sell, I will not sell, I will not sell. I truly believe we will see some impressive second quarter sales numbers that hints at the future. I just can't buy like you guys can (I'm a high school math teacher). If I'm suffering your pain has got to be pain^x, if you get my drift.

    Things have GOT to get better

    Cheers, Pat

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    • Sorry Pat. My mouth or my message board postings sometimes overflows like a sewer :-) I firmly believe in Curis for the short and long term and since I post how much I believe in the short term I feel bad to say that on the one hand how good I think it is and on the other hand sell when it gives me a 5-10% return. Since I have been selling a very small amount of trading shares, I feel the need to tell others so I can't be accused of pumping and dumping, full disclosure so to speak. The number of shares that I bought as trading shares has multiplied unfortunately because too many of them are above today's closing price but I have no doubt I will be able to sell them above my purchase price.

      That being said, I will stop posting when I buy and sell trading shares. I can assure you my buying and selling has no impact on the stock price with how few shares I am actually buying and selling for trading purposes, even with the low volume. Unfortunately I am sure there are a lot of people doing the same thing I am doing and that is probably capping the trading range.

      For full disclosure I was in a stock for over a decade that did the same thing as CRIS is doing and I never traded any shares and I regretted it since it followed a pattern like CRIS and I just held for the long term instead of trading it just for fun and some additional cash. Now I have a very big (for me) core long term position that I will not trade. The shares that I trade are for making some current income that helps pay the bills and acquire more shares of CRIS and other stocks. GLTA and let's hope a big investor comes along and sees the same the we see and blows out the current range we are in.

    • Hang in there stan.... Im drinking the kool aide too... Ive never sold one share... If I had time during the day I would... Market got slammed... Biotech took it in the shorts... Let the science guide the way... We went through this in early dec and guess what I bought more.... Nice return from 3.00... We will laugh at these prices in the future and im putting my money where my mouth is

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