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    • good work fellas! i have this little thing that gets in the way during the day called a job lol keep digging!

      my thoughts:
      ive been peaking at the jh boards and they are still pumping the hedgehog trial with gem+abraxine. (will not post here since i think its creepy to be pumping ppl in there dealing with disease)

      dont forget that hh might be used post surgery to keep the cancer from recurring... that theme has been in a lot of articles.

      we might be in a golden era of data flow... i still think the esophageal trial will show something (my gut)

      keep digging and keep buying.... i bought some more today (sold isis that i just bought a few weeks ago and bought more cris!)

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      • BigL isn't it crazy how many shares one can accumulate in just one company? I can't imagine the price being this low for very much longer but I never thought it would be this low at this point after approval. I swore to myself years ago I would never get myself so involved in just one company again where it represented a very large portion of my portfolio and I did it again with Curis. The great thing about it is, even though it represents about 30% of my assets, I don't feel like it is very risky at these levels. Crazy, I know. Hopefully it skyrockets soon and it becomes more than 50% of my assets soon :-)

        GLTA and if good news keeps coming, the price will skyrocket in the not too distant future like some of the other bio's we have witnessed over the years.

    • it might not have an immediate effect on pps, but looks good long-term and for patients.

    • I know the trial was small and the PFS was only 3 months, but a 50% response rate sounds impressive to me. Not to mention they are still trying to figure out the best treatment plan as far as when to give each drug and what additional drugs that might be added to the combination. I really like this part of the articles:

      "We believe that GDC-0449 has the potential to change the approach to treating pancreatic cancer,” said Edward J. Kim, M.D., Ph.D., a medical oncologist at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center in Ann Arbor, Mich.

      I would think that Curis will issue a PR in the morning just stating what they did when the stories ran in NEJM a couple weeks ago. They could issue the same thing tomorrow related to the presentations at AACR. Maybe they will wait until the conference is over and until after Dianne Simeone has presented tomorrow afternoon 2:30-4:30:

      Targeting cancer stem cells in pancreatic cancer
      Diane M. Simeone, University of Michigan Hospital and Health Systems, Ann Arbor, MI

      Click below for the full schedule

    • Would not surprise me at all to see Curis put out a press release ahead of the Wednesday morning conference pitch.

      They are in the 9:15AM timeslot and the Pancreatic info only was released mid-day today.

      good luck -

    • i'm surprised. i think numerous past disappointments have led to incredulity when it comes to positive results for trials of pancreatic cancer treatments. patience.

    • By a show of hands, how many people are surprised we are not at least a quarter higher by now? How about even a dime? This is crazy IMO. Oh well, I have been surprised before that the stock doesn't move as I expect in the short term, but longer term my expectations have been more accurate over the years. GLTA and maybe Dan will mention the results at tomorrow's presentation up in Boston. It would be nice if we could toot our own horn and issue a press release regarding it but we might be constrained as to what we can say by Roche. The long term future has never looked brighter for Curis investors IMO.

    • Around the beginning of the year there was thread relating to the INFI-926 molecule's superiority over GDC-0449. (A poster named scothibb was rather insistent INFI would show efficacy in the pancreatic indication. Obviously he was wrong.)

      A question raised to scothibb, but not answered, related to the comparison of IC50 and half-life metrics for the two molecules.

      These new data recently released give a sparkle of hope. If GDC-0449 efficacy in some additional indications turns out to be primarily dose dependent, then hedgehog could have quite a ride beyond BCC.


    • I just hit shorty with another 7500 shares......I am betting I'm right, not shorty :-)

      These are just short term trading shares, I have 7500 long also. We'll see....where is his limit ????.....I am already in the green. I'd bet shorty is starting to worry a little

    • shorty does not have unlimited money. Froggie might be able to hold CRIS back until they report one more quarter, but the water is heating up and the frog must be feeling heat and pressure... 2 of my other 3 bio's are flying, I would hate to be short CRIS, or any biotech with a product, or late stage compound and platform. Hang in there and buy dips with dry powder!

    • Now we just need Curis mentioned in some of the releases regarding pancreatic cancer. Other than those of us who are following the stock closely, how many investors realize it yet that we will get royalties when used on pancreatic cancer in the future? GLTA.

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