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  • bentbasin bentbasin Aug 18, 2012 7:01 AM Flag

    Meg, Did

    you see my 3 messages at IHub before they were deleted? I did see your one in response to one of mine was deleted. If you see this in time turn on your IM. I'll be gone by 7:30.

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    • BB, I sent you a private message over at IHUB. The reason your posts were deleted were because they were off topic. I also posted the message to the main board but that too might be deleted so I figured I would let you know why your post was deleted. I asked admin to be more flexible in allowing posts of an off topic nature at least until the board over there becomes more active and I will let you know what their response is. Not everything goes over there and I don't know if it was admin or someone else who deleted your posts but since they were not related to Curis the posts did violate the terms of use on Ihub. I don't agree with all their rules but the site is a good alternative.

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      • Here is the reply I received from admin over at ihub, it explains who removed the post also.

        "I believe that some friendly, non-inflammatory, off-topic posts should be permitted to allow for the ebb and flow of typical human interaction. They need to be minimal so that the noise doesn't drown out the signal.

        The problem is that when someone sends a TOS report on those and the admin reviewing them agrees that they are off topic they get removed. It's difficult to have special rules for a particular board. We don't monitor the boards looking for off topic posts. We only see the ones that are reported.

        The only thing I can suggest is to encourage the posters to include at least some content about the stock in the post. If there is zero about the stock it's much more likely to get removed."

    • just sent you a contact request...different name, begins with a "g"

    • sorry, ben, no I didn't....not sure what's going on over there, but suspect bth (aka alias's over here) has been reporting anything he thinks can cause us problems with the admins.
      give me a time for later today or tomorrow morning...remembering that I'm 5 hours ahead of us eastern time. Will be gone tomorrow between 1-3 (8a.m. - 10 a.m eastern time). will check yahoo here at 6 p.m. 8 p.m. my time (1 p.m. 3 p.m. your time)

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