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  • keen76 keen76 Aug 4, 2000 6:33 PM Flag

    Today's block trades

    Looks like there were 9 block trades today of
    10,000 shares or more. Based upon pasta's post earlier
    regarding INCA, it may have been the same seller. On a
    dollar basis, that is a lot more block trades than I can
    ever remember seeing for CBMI.

    Since the index
    funds have presumably already gotten out of CRIS, the
    large sales may be coming
    from a venture capital
    firm that owned stock in either CBMI, Ontogeny or
    Reprogenises and is now free to sell. In many such instances,
    the reasons for selling don't have anything to do
    with the fundamentals of the company. Such funds may
    just want to lighten up, the term of a particular
    investment fund may be coming to an end and there is a need
    to distribute to the fund owners, or there may be
    other reasons which are particular to the fund. Perhaps
    someone with Level II could keep us informed next week if
    they see or don't see large orders coming in from a
    single market maker.

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