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  • blackboxfund blackboxfund Mar 12, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    KSN, unless China blows itself up with a war over some rocks...

    The Real Estate brokerage story should be very good, E-House is predicting a conservative 20% growth...
    I wish I heard more about their commercial real estate sales operation on the conference call though.
    I believe that new supply will moderate across all of the RE sectors, and that secondary sales of Commercial wil start to dominate ... I wonder who the Big Brokers of
    commercial re are for the SOHO group as an example. Does E-House carve this number out in the annual reports?

    The EJ IR probably will not talk to me because I HAVE BEEN RUDE TO THEM, as we have been disappointed with the lack of Global Press releases and other information necessary to make ongoing purchase decisions ... As you can see I am a proactive investor, who needs constant information and not just the short English translations of the three analysts who could be bothered to ask questions, every three months.

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    • blackbox, i sent you a note to your yahoo email.

      And I too have been pretty demanding with IR. I was quite unhappy with their operating loss, inconceivable to me in light of the circumstances of the business. I was quite happy though with the dividend and the projected numbers for the 1st Q.

      They still need some hardball questions sent their way. We need them to focus more broadly on a better business model as this one AIN'T WORKING LIKE IT SHOULD. I am willing to give them this one quarter to figure it out, but something is sorrowfully missing. If it isn't figured out, Chairman Zhou needs to be accountable and shuffle the deck, presumably putting his own head on the chopping block.

      This was a 36 dollar stock, and now struggles to turn a profit in a boom boom real estate market. What is wrong with this picture? The business model is what's wrong.

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