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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Jan 5, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

    Management lacks credibility

    Management continues to refuse to divulge any information on their production, their drilling. They lump new drilling in with recompletions and reworks.

    These guys won't divulge what the decline rate is, how much the oil wells many opportunities they have etc.

    It is no surprise that the unit price continues to languish. I suspect it will continue to do so until management decideds to start being open with the unitholders.

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    • That is incrrect.
      Go look at their presentations....their exit rate production is posted very just rather post made up stuff..

      And, not only are you posting inorrect info and then posting slurs....your timing is also off.

      Why not show your post from may to your buddies who bash bakken stocks while you hype them?

      .....pretty funny stuff.... when you posted gmxr was $1.28 and then it fell to $0.45 before rebound ed all the was to 0.52 and then had a 13:1 reverse any more to watch?

      While it may probably pay off for them you look like somewhere about year or two too early and it keeps going down...right?

      "Anyone follow GMXR? It is a shining example of a company that was 100% focused on natural...
      Anyone follow GMXR?

      It is a shining example of a company that was 100% focused on natural gas (Haynesville and Bossier) that was forced to switch focus on the fly.

      They made a huge bet on the Bakken a year or so ago and it appears to be paying off."

    • If management was to tell the real truth here you would not like the bloodbath in the share price!!