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  • buy_american buy_american Aug 2, 2009 12:21 PM Flag

    FDA... they KNEW in "MARCH"

    not June 2nd... but "MARCH"

    they knew that this was going to be a new REQUIREMENT!

    not a "proposed" change... but a new REQUIREMENT!

    therefore, the July 31st meeting was a CHARADE!

    and IMO, they had reason the believe, if not known OUTRIGHT

    that there was NO CHANCE for approval at all!

    as matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the FDA

    CONTACTED the Company back in MARCH --- personally

    (someone should ask on monday)

    IMO, it looks like they kept QUIET,

    FAILED to file an 8K

    and RAISED CAPITAL all the way into the meeting!

    IMO... they had a RESPONSIBILITY to NOTIFY their shareholders


    (NOT having a few people "call Joe Camp")

    IMO, this company should not even be listed anymore

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    • hey..johnny come lately, pumper, dumper...get lost!
      You have made outrageous statements on this board all along..
      and have no credibility here.

      I may have none either, because of this outcome...but
      at least, I've been honest in what I believed and did.
      Ready Friday's PR...and listen to the CC on Monday at 8:30 if you really care about the truth, rather than littering this board with nonsense.

      when I changed from hold to strong buy, it was because I re-read that Pr, which i just scanned on Friday, and saw that they were still claiming they were not given the new proposed guidelines in time to use them in their study.
      Tthis is a fact..
      so now, I am going to add back the other half if I get the chance to get them for a very low price.

      I'd rather do that than put it in any other stock...because they still deserve our support and
      sympathy, imo.
      One can lose on any otcbb stock or other, for that fact. I'd rather lose on ADLS who has been the object of deceit, than others who may have truly deceived investors.

      End of story,