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  • frogfather44 frogfather44 Oct 9, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

    Toulouse Video

    The Toulouse Video is a 42 minute presentation Isaiah Cox, who takes questions for another 44 minutes.
    It is at the Royal Aeronautical Society. Seriously good questions.
    A couple of standouts
    I think he fudged a bit on the weights of the Honeywell system VS WheelTug. Cox said they are aiming for 850 lbs. (Aiming for not have which means still have a long ways to go! as a bigger company with deeper pockets they will be faster than WheelTug has been tho.) but he said WheelTug puts 100 lbs on each of the nose wheels. So he compared weight on the wheels for us to total system weight for Honeywell. To be fair he may well not have the weight per wheel of the Honeywell system.
    I would have preferred he had pointed it out though. It always seems slippery when they don't and with a 300 lb total weight it would have been a massive win anyway.

    Bad news:
    !. Cox stated the WheelTug system won't work as an etaxi 5% of the time. (Too slippery for the nose to get traction.) and goes on to explain the economic losses VS the gains. 34,000 loss of functionality VS 2,000,000 or so.

    2. Initial production expected to be only 5 a month hope to ramp to 100 a month in a year.

    3.Pushed back the beginning of production to "at earliest early 2015". Previously by the end of 2014.

    He talked about why LG dropped out. As it was between the main wheels which have the breaks it needed a liquid cooled motor. They couldn't justify the cost of the system.

    Honeywell is still there. Heat is going to be a big issue for them as well and Cox talked extensively about that.
    He also said if you are backing a plane and the aircraft has to power with the engines, it's tail striking the ground can be the result if done badly. Honeywell is setting up a computer system to avoid the problem.
    With WheelTug the nose wheel looses traction if the tail starts to lower. End of problem.

    Airports can make more money by servicing more aircraft faster.

    Lots more info in the video at the site.

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