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  • mrakoslap mrakoslap Jan 7, 2011 7:44 AM Flag

    Buffett finds coal "Fascinating"

    ..that would be sweet..:-) but that will only happen few days after i'll sell rest of my position...

    btw. you owe me for regaining listing compliance as i've sold half of my postion at 0,97 only to see it climbing here since then..:-) i removed half of my bad mojo from this stock..:-)

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    • Thanks for the help/mojo/karma :-).....I know what you mean. Sure seems like every time I hit the buy button, my stock drops, and every time I hit the sell button it goes up.

      Might not be impossible to connect with him. Was going to take a look at SYMX board and mgt history. Given all of Buffett's connections, there may be a point of contact/introduction.

      Given his background, history, personality, and fascination with coal :-) I think SYMX is a company he could have interest in. Worst case, they could hang out at Gorat's Steak house in Omaha, and they'd eventually bump into him.

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      • I picked up some more shares today at 1.07 using profits from ASTC. Once again, my order was only partially filled.

        I don't see much downside risk from here, especially considering its book value. It is a premium over the 50/200 day avg, but I think the successful Ambre demo alone justify that. SYMX has been pretty much flat for the last two years, so I think it's about time for it to break out. There are so many potential news coming up. i.e. Deal with Ambre Energy or other licensing related updates; updates on their existing projects; talk of $200 barrel oil, etc...

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