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  • Forced_into_Early_Retirement Forced_into_Early_Retirement Mar 2, 2007 6:59 PM Flag

    Wind Power by all you windbags

    What a lot of BS on this board.

    HE doesn't appear to be able to earn enough to cover its dividend and you all say nothing about getting a new management team who know how to.

    And what does a bank have to do with making and distributing electric power?

    Really nothing - but it seems HE is stuck carrying the laziness of the locals on the backs of an island class business.

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    • 'scuse me?

      This board has articulated in many posts the dissatisfaction with HE management. Now the Pacific Business News has said that ASB and the ex-security officer have entered into mediation. Could be that the outcome of the secret fed grand jury investigation is about to be released? Stay tuned....

      The utility side of the business is one of poorest managed in the nation. No hiding the fact and the analyst say so. SO if grandma doesn't mind no stock appreciation and wants to grab the dividends so be it. But if I were Bank of America owning $90M of stock at 5% of the shares outstanding, I would both not be happy and 2) would at least want someone of MY choosing on the Board.

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