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  • Charles_Wilklow Charles_Wilklow Mar 21, 2007 2:43 AM Flag


    They all act together --- so they should all hang together.

    There should be no prisoners; let them all die.

    The company is not being run profitably enough.

    And the leaders don't even seem to know enough to trim trees to prevent lines being knocked down.

    With the current board -- the bankerette will be toast.

    Join me in voting to preserve my investment.

    Vote the whole board out.

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    • There must be some changes made in the way they run our power company.

      Just today, I can drive our roads and see tree branches shooting right thru the power lines. Yet there are not tree crews to be seen.

      And when they do show up, they don't cut enough away. Just clear the line by two inches, so they will be called back sooner.

      This is just reflective of management that doesn't know what she is doing, or should do.

      Or just plain bad management.

      Hold the directors accountable -- withhold your vote for them for the April 24th annual meeting.

    • Yeah -- up here on the northshore we are convinced that HE doesn't have the brains of a chicken.

      Everytime we have a windstorm and we see the overloaded poles go down, we wonder if they are all totally blind down there at headquarters.

      And then we are subjected to hours and hours of outage while they get a sleepy lazy crew out to rewire.

      With less than the collective brains of a goose, the entire board should be outsted. Almost anyone could do better.

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