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  • tickered_off tickered_off Sep 12, 2007 5:59 PM Flag

    Interim rate increase to be approved soon?

    Anyone have an idea or guess on when approval is forthcoming? Also, will any of the sought after $70 M be retroactive to all of '07?

    By the way, the idiotic management continues to waste shareholders money with stupid ads with Moon and the new one about bank extended hours. Do they truly believe that extending bank hours will bring in meaningful additional revenues?

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    • I thought my position was pretty clear but since you don't get it, I'll reiterate. HEI is NOT any company, they're main assets are part of a regulated utility. So, in spite of the pitifully incompetant mangement (I think we ALL agree on this?), the main driver is the rate increases approved by the PUC. Since MO's main argument is that the dividend is in jeopardy, my rebuttal is that it's not because the rate increase will be approved soon by the PUC and therefore MO has NO supportable foundation for his argument. I agree totally with you that the company will not thrive, but again, that is NOT my position. If you have read my posts, I believe I've been consistant on how I measure the current STOCK PRICE TREND and whether it merits a sell or buy on that basis. I could care less that you had share a long time ago since it's NOT relevant to discussion of present conditions. I've held and changed my level of holdings of this stock for almost 20 years, making both good and bad moves.
      On the subject of insult - I DO recall you insinuating that I and some other person was one and the same as well as saying I am not a shareholder. I am factual in stating you nor MO are shareholders since both of you stated as much. I state I AM a shareholder and I hope you show the same amount of trust in that fact as I have shown for your position. Also, if it really matters where one lives makes a difference to this discussion (wow MO, how did you like THIS?), you're NOT the only one who lives here. I've been here a LONG time and consider Hawaii the MOST beautiful place to live.
      Finally, aren't you being hypocritical in stating that you don't care what I think and yet wanting your "alternative view" heard? So are you stating that it only matters if people agree with your "alternative view"?

    • Suit yourself ticked off, we are only providing an alternate view of this stock.

      Since you try to insult us, your position is weak indeed.

      You stated yourself do not think much of HE's management, how can ANY company THRIVE with poor management?

      Why should we have held on to this stock? If we had not sold it when we did we would have been out tens of thousands of dollars.

      You should be applauding our strategic move.

      Frankly we don't CARE what you think, we are only providing an alternate view of this UTE which you only know about from a distance. I LIVE here!

    • What are the bond covenants that HE is in danger of violating?

    • You are every correct in that I DO NOT own HE! I have in the past, but certainly not now! I see NO reason to own it until management mends its ways! Right now, that does not look like anytime soon! Good luck to you on your investment!

    • As I said, don't bother since you continue to insist it's for 50% of dividend payment. Hey, airhead, do the math, if you insist it's 50% then it's fairly easy to figure out how much shares that comes out to. You sure made your case - IDIOT! PLEASE, don't be jealous because this shareholder went from sell to hold to buy and did quite well doing so. Check back in a few months and then let's see what an idiotic non-shareholder you (and that other old fart) really are. I REST MY CASE!

    • WOW!! This is one of the most obscure and high faluting double talk I've ever read. No wonder no one uses this nonsense. Thanks MR. Bankrupt CEO for enlightening me! Yo0u and Mr. MO sure talk a good story, especially on stocks you don't even own.

    • tickered: Ms Hollinger responded to my request of "how many new shares and what is the value of those new shares that were issued to pay 50% of the recent dividend." She responded that she "wished she could answer my question directly, but the information I was requesting was NOT INCLUDED IN HE's PUBLIC FILINGS." She did say that HE's management still intends to maintain the current dividend through internal cash flow and issuance of equity and/or credit borrowing! I MAKE MY CASE!

    • Here is what Yahoo boards says about MFI (the obscure indicator):
      Measuring the strength of money flowing in and out of a security, the Money Flow Index (MFI) is a momentum indicator similar in function to the Relative Strength Index (RSI). The primary difference being that while the RSI only incorporates prices, the MFI accounts for volume.

      "Look for divergence between the MFI and the price action. If the price trends higher and the MFI trends lower (or vice versa), a reversal may be imminent. Look for market tops to occur when the MFI is above 80. Look for market bottoms to occur when the MFI is below 20."
      - "Technical Analysis from A to Z" by Stephen Aechlis

      Still a Doubting Thomas? Go to Charts and select MFI from the indicators.

      With no upward momentum, the MFI says HE is poor choice in the near future. At 21+ a share it is peaking!

    • Yeah igurumo, my guess is tickeredoff could be HEI4ME's new handle, or his twin brother, as he promotes the same detail oriented - yet illogical line. For instance why in the heck would he say the HE management "is incompetent" then rate HE a buy?

      I hope you noticed that he took immediate offense to my asking him about his thoughts on HE's poor MFI rating and never replied.

      Yep tickeredoff is at least HEI4ME's clone.

    • "No need to respond," yeah right! Guess you realize you have made a fool of yourself! You are not involved with this stock or you would have known about how 50% of the dividend is funded! I WILL let you know the number of shares issued and the dollar value of them which were used to pay 50% of the dividend as soon as Ms Hollinger responds to my latest request!

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