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  • g371olds g371olds Nov 13, 2007 12:27 PM Flag

    Not Burning Enough Trash @ HE

    So, todays topic in Aloha land is that the Oahu dump is nearing fullness and closing in early 08.

    Yet we've all heard that trash is burned to make electricity.

    So why isn't HE burning more/all of the trash that is burnable and making electricity galore?

    If HE really had its head on straight it would beef up its trash burning plant to handle gobs of trash and import trash from the mainland in just some of the empty shipping containers going back to Commie China. Mainland would pay handsomely to get rid of its trash and the burnable fuel is almost free to HE.

    How in the world can HE weasel around such an easy business model ??

    Does Connie know what she is doing --- or what she should do?

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    • Tickered may be part of the legal team that put the RFP together. Sure they all sit around and read it, and laugh at how Mufi is going to fail and the islanders will be up to their keesters in trash.

      And there still won't be enough electricity generated to meet the demand.

      Have you had enough of allowing liberals to be basically in charge?

    • Are you THAT daft? I thought you had more sense than to post what you just did. The issue isn't that YOU read an RFP prior to it's release, the issue is who at the Mayor's office released it for you to read prior to it's release to the public. That in a nutshell for the simple minded is the issue and therein lies the alleged corrurption of the bidding system for government contracts. Listen Tickeredoff, you made the claims, I just followed up on them.

    • Hmmm... didn't realize that reading something that was available for reading was illegal. Where do you come up with the accusation that I participated in the corruption of the bidding process? If you accuse every person who's read anything prior to it being published then there must be thousands in business and government of such crimes?

      Does it matter to you that reading something is not a criminal act?

    • Already have... You are a complete baffoon. You admitted to having privvy to and reviewing an RFP issued by a government agency worth over $300M "long before it's release to the public". Whether you have a vested interest or not is immaterial and subject to deposition and testimony (where did you get YOUR law degree from). The fact of the matter is that you admitted to being a participant in the contamination of a bidding process issued by a government agency. As you are probably unaware, Hawaii has been long plagued with corruption of this very sort so the degree of sensitivity has been elevated, particularly by this admininstration.
      In fact, I have already turned over your claims and assertions this morning to the State Attorney's office and the Mayor's office. I am told that if Fed$$ were to participate in the venture or that it is determined that you are out of state, that Federal authorities would also become involved. I will also forward your flippant response which I am sure will delight them even more....It smacks of catch me if you can. This will indeed be fun to watch.
      I am certain that they are running your account right down to your ISP address and then to the accounting department. Practice answering the question: What did you know and when did you know it". I will keep close tabs on this one. Not every day that a poster boast that they participated in an activitiy such as this.

    • Don't know why it should impact the share price as all HECO does is purchase the power under a long-term agreement and it does little for their bottom line.

    • got shaking with fear! Go right ahead as I have NO vested interest in the process and have NO ties with ANY potential bidders (don't even know who they are).

    • Tickeredoff:

      Your assertion that you read the RFP "long before it was made public" is disturbing. After checking with a few of my friends from the State and the C&C today it was suggested that the bidding process has been contaminated and corrupted and thus requires the review of Mark Bennett and his office. This is a $300M+ upgrade program and since you claim to have seen the RFP prior to it's submission to potential vendors then the bidding process has clearly been corrupted.

      Like the president of Whole Foods, I am sure they can identify you in what will certainly be an interesting investigation. Tomorrow, I forward your claims.

    • You're full of crap. I have a release of the list of recepients of the RFP from Trudi Saito's office (of course you know who she is) and I KNOW everyone on the list. I also know everyone on the list from the pre-bid meeting. BTW, did you catch the article in the Advertiser of Friday regarding the waste disposal problem. tonnage generated and the intake at H-Power, pretty much refutes your points. My interest in the program is because it is a $300+M initiative for upgrade and expansion. I share your views more cogently than you imagine, I don't like dealing with idiots either.

    • Mr. Ticked

      Do you have a link to the RFP on a website?

      Also, from your perspective who is the essence of the substantial maintenance that is required at the current plant.

      And yes, it would appear that the success of this/these trash burning plants should affect the shareprice of HE stock.

      HE, whether Connie is smart enough to know this, needs to have AMPLE power available for the demand that should be increasing on this island due to tourism, just more folks, and more power consuming appliances in general.

      Is the Tesoro plant outage affecting the source of fuel for the other plants?

    • I read the RFP long before it was even made public. If you don't know what the additional capacities are for, just say so. Don't assume others are as ignorant as you when it come down to details. Just forget it, this discussion has nothing to do with how the stock price is going to do in the near term.

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