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  • igurumo igurumo Mar 4, 2009 9:49 AM Flag


    IMO, it is VERY likely that the dividend will now be cut or even eliminated. Way too late, but better late than never. Tougher times ahead for HE!

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    • Mikey the future is unknown - only the Divine know for sure. Igurumo is blunt and strident but he has points of validity. I've read his(?) posts since appearing on the board.

      Unless you actually live in the State, or deal with the company on a regular basis, it is difficult to get a feel for any concern. This IS a company that tends to let politics run it as it is tied to the Party.

      I tend to agree with Igurumo on HE 1) we use to own a big chunk of it for years 2) we sold when it began to drop 2- years ago. And 3) we too believe there is more than a 50-50 chance the BOD will be forced to cut the dividend as other UTE's are doing. HE's finances are not 'sustainable' in this the current economy, using the current buzz parlance.

      But hey, all of you, do what you want, buy sell whatever. We 'bashers', (as I believe you label me too), only try to provide a view from "the other side" instead to the Pollyanna views espoused here.

      And just for the record I have NEVER shorted a stock, and believe the Shorts are akin to buzzards and other carrion eaters are ... disgusting.

    • Six months ago? Try going back a year and a half ago. Proof is in the postings if you care to go look. I SOLD HE in mid 2007. I am NOT short HE. I have NEVER shorted a stock in my life. I am NO buyer of HE even at these levels until I see management take the steps necessary to make it a viable company. They have a LONG way to go.

    • Mikey,

      I would give the igur more credence if he was making these points 6 months ago. He is short and worried else why waste his time bashing the company on the BB.


    • Sorry Mikey, but I have explained my reasons many times over the past three years. If you were a regular visitor to this board you would know my positions and why. Am I going to repeat them just for your benefit? Ummmmm ........ No! If you really care do some research on messages of the last three years. I could care less whether you agree or disagree with me.

    • Sorry igurumo, but you sound more and more like bashers on other boards who can only make statements without specific facts that you can be called out on. If you "believe" there are a laundry list of "specific issues", why not spell them out? Are you afraid to back up what you say when it doesn't happen? At least be a man about it. No one expects you to be 100% correct. If you always were, you would be retired and wouldn't waste time commenting on a message board.

      Others may simply have opinions, but that is easily just "taken with a grain of salt".

      My last message was simple and to the point. Although there are a lot of talk about dividends being cut on other stocks, I simply don't see a reason to panic and jump ship at this point. A decent dividend that can continue to compound is not something that I would throw away without good reason. HE has been good to me for many years. And while it may not "seem" to be perfect, I am willing to wait and see before I change course. Those who panic tend to lose in life. I am much more stable and willing to wait and see what happens.

    • When HE cuts its dividend it will be driven by "specific company issues." HE has a laundry list of "specifc issues."

    • To the best of my knowledge this company has paid dividends for a very long time. The new CEO (Connie Lau) has already driven this stock to an all time low. IMHO, if the dividend is cut or eliminated this stock will see new lows that will shock shareholders and get the sharks circling this company for a hostile takeover. I am certain there are management teams out there that can do a lot more with this company than present management. If news of a dividend cut or elimination gets out, I would be shorting this stock.

    • Maybe they won't cut the dividend and HE stock price will recover. I am thinking of buying some HE shares.

      I own some POM chart looks about the same. I think the dividend is pretty secure. Insiders are buying.

      btw, Even postal workers are getting hit hard. Maybe no more mail delievery on Saturdays.

    • Any information on the dividend? Can't find any really negitive stuff, know ASB has some issues but shouldn't cause a cut in the divident..what are the odds. Aloha.m

    • topline1 Mar 13, 2009 1:57 PM Flag

      What is the over/under on keeping the dividend at it's current level? - I think the economy comes back starting in the third quarter - oil prices stay under $70 and travel to the islands increases in the fall. - Mark to market rules will be modified and the banks wil start lending again (and making money - spreads are very good now) How are the housing prices on the Islands?--

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