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  • gooferb gooferb Apr 30, 2014 2:27 PM Flag

    If HE has to accomodate more solar conversions

    Then the div is going to be reduced I suppose since they can't raise rates the money has to come from somewhere

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    • he is getting free electricity from net meter customers in peak demand times. the people i know here that
      have solar say that they generate far more than they use. a reduced load on the oil fired plants means less
      fuel burned. its as simple as that.

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    • I live here don't think for a minute HE isn't getting some kind of kickback from someone. You can't tell me that all of us are going to be on a solar electrical system. The State of Hawaii has ended a loophole. Now it all DEPENDS what is the most feasible option to rent or own your pv system or not.

    • Yes and HE will soon be a smaller company with a greatly reduced or completely eliminated dividend. The future in Hawaii will not be fossil fuel powering their plants. That era is beginning wind down.

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      • bigfish9085 May 3, 2014 11:59 PM Flag

        I have followed HE for 12 years. Have owned it for 4 years and it has paid a great dividend. Sold my total position in this company for the following; 1) Obama and his former energy secretary Dr. Steven Chu became involved in Solar conversion and have poured billions of taxpayers dollars into this new energy source 2) Don't live in Hawaii but people who have recently visited there have told me that there are more solar panels on rooftops than you can believe 3) This stock used to trade at an average daily volume of around 400K now at + 1M daily 4) Government intervention ie PUC have required HE to update their operation standards to conform with solar power allowances and grid updates. The long era 1891? is definitely winding down

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