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  • xtgeminiman Apr 23, 2012 8:55 PM Flag

    K Is Tempting Here

    Looks like a good support zone between 50 and 50.3. The only thing holding me up from buying is that they lowered their outlook THREE DAYS BEFORE EARNINGS (who does that?). I doubt it would drop to much more but I think I'll wait anyway. No sense writing covered calls on this when the premium sucks.

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    • Yes, I bought around the 52.50 level sold a covered call the other day and bought more shares of KO with the premium. I may buy to cover on the K options soon with a small profit, and sell a put around the 50 level. That way i would re-gain my profits on K with the premium and possibly have a better entry price.

    • xtgeminiman Apr 26, 2012 3:21 PM Flag

      In and out of K today. The support zone (50-50.3) held well. If there wasn't so many headwinds, I would've held. I've got a decent idea as to how this stock moves now but I don't know it will enough if we get a bad GDP report (possibly) tomorrow or a bad unemployment number April Tuesday (likely).

      I'll continue to follow K as I think it's a good safe stock for an IRA. I'll buy some Raisen Bran with my profits to support the K longs here. LOL!

      Status Filled at $50.277
      Symbol K
      Description KELLOGG COMPANY
      Action Buy
      Order Type Market
      Order Date 04/26/2012, 11:20:14 AM ET
      Order Number D26NPLHQ

      Status Filled at $50.40
      Symbol K
      Description KELLOGG COMPANY
      Action Sell
      Order Type Limit at $50.40
      Order Date 04/26/2012, 02:15:23 PM ET
      Order Number D26PBJTX

    • I sold puts at 47.5 and 50.0 today; if the stock drops I'll buy it at a net discount (my put premium) and if it goes up I'll pocket the put premium. Can't miss if the floor is around 46.

    • Tempting at 46 not 50. After earnings this puppy is going to grind down. Buy around 46 with a slow ride up to near 50. Sell 50 calls and collect the dividend for a relatively safe income stream for awhile. If they call the options you still did well on a stock that is really going nowhere soon.

    • don;t agree, though it can go into the 40s range before stabilizing, I would wait couple weeks and see how K trades

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