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  • reh246810 reh246810 Feb 11, 2004 4:40 PM Flag

    taking another debt to pay EX debt

    So they take a loan from investor to pay off debt from the bank, very good/clever straegy considered that they must pay off debt from the bank, but they don't have to pay off anything to investor in the end. An indivdual investor have no right when the company bankrupt and get nothing. Such mal-practice, and i can't believe it's legal.

    >a drug discovery company that reported a loss in 2003, on Wednesday said it plans to raise up to $150 million through sale of notes that can later be converted into shares of the company's common stock. Incyte said the interest-bearing notes will be convertible into shares of Incyte stock at a rate and price to be determined, and that proceeds of the note offering will be used for general corporate purposes, including repayment of debt.

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    • i pity wcmivarizona, he can't bring up any rational arugement and data to hype his beloved INCY and therefore launching a depserate personal attack on me to prove his point.

    • that a camel jockey can not be original. Where you come from they copy everthing and you are the shining example. Whaaaat a joke.

      Now make sure you copy this just right so we can tell just how stupid you really are.

    • where to be found. What IS MORE FUNNY IS When INCY is UP this idiot is all over the place with his Boom and Hyping. Whaaaat a joke.

    • where to be found. When INCY is down this idiot is all over the place with his doom and gloom. Whaaaat a joke.

    • My contention would be that the challenges of managing a cash strapped biopharma (which is what incy will be in a year or so) are very different to managing drug discovery programs with the aid of bottomless resources.
      You seem to trivialize this difference.
      Your other points are well taken - maybe they have the golden goose and will survive - maybe not. Personally I jumped at 9 (bought at 4.70) - maybe I'm wrong - but I'm off the biotech train for a while. I'm just going to watch for a bit - if you see double figures - then you read the signs well and I'll doff my cap appropriately

    • So if they can successfully manage a company that size then this venture should be a piece of cake. Especially since Reverset was a well known commodity to them. Haven't read the bio, and thought DuPont was larger than that - 1700 must have been the R and D only. The point is that reh, with all his nonsense, keeps referring to the past screwups of management, and the history of this company - the point is, I know that this is new management and that it's P Friedman and Dick Deshutter - but Reh is obviously the one that needs to go read the bios becasue this isn't the past management that he is so obviously trying to bash.

      Speculative? The nature of biotech. But a proven track record, a drug that has flown through Phase 2 with high marks, and a game plan is a heck of a lot more than most of the biotechs this size can claim. I'd rather put my bet on this than say, Celera. I think INCY is way ahead.
      Besides, any stock that attracts this many dedicated bashers is a definite buy in my book.
      g'night enjoy the rest of your evening.

    • Come come now - that's not really fair. The info you provided is found rather easily by reading the CEO (P. Friedmans) bio on their website. I think however that you failed to insert some other rather important pieces of information that, I would think, were crucial to the favorable outcome of his previous venture - - one in particular - to quote from the bio
      "and managed its 1,700 employees and $650 MM annual budget."
      a heavyweight operation - one might say.
      Now Incy - with less than 200 employees and less than half that annual budget in toto - well maybe now we begin to understand the high risk, speculative and dare I say it - wishful thinking required to pump a biopharma!!

    • <<Proven track record

      I can name the CEO, can you?

      I can name most of the management, can you?

      I can name two drugs that this management has brought to FDA approval. One is a billion dollar drug that is marketed by Merck (Cozaar) and the other is one of the top selling HIV drugs on the market (Sustiva). >>

      hahaha, did you name the CEO and the management? come on bring it on! i would like to know their name, DO IT! Cozaar, Sustiva? haha, one billion dollar drug? how come INCY is only expected to make 7-9 million this year?

      can you explian? are you lying?

    • Proven track record

      I can name the CEO, can you?

      I can name most of the management, can you?

      I can name two drugs that this management has brought to FDA approval. One is a billion dollar drug that is marketed by Merck (Cozaar) and the other is one of the top selling HIV drugs on the market (Sustiva).

    • <<The new mangagement has a ****PROVEN*** track record, and is a good chance at turning this ship around. If there are a decent revenues, there will be more money to do RESEARCH into new targets. The bubble is over, and now it's time to pay the piper. >>

      yeah, proven track record of shifting business theme every quarter and "beat" Anys. estimate by -30 to -200% everytime they reported earning. They have NEVER achieved ANYTHING!! No drug, approved by FDA, no long time earning growth and disappointed investor quarter after quarter.

      you are right on, the bubble is over, it's pay time, BIG pay time. we shall stick CEO to the cross and that still won't pay for failure he did in the past.

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