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  • donvitoc77 donvitoc77 Jun 10, 2011 11:30 AM Flag

    INCY vs YMI

    The only difference is one is first and one is best...

    But I hope both do well!

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    • Upon reflection, YMI is basing their claims of superiority on an ability to do something that is only possible for a short time. Only completely arresting the course of a disease in which the bone marrow is replaced by useless junk can you prevent transfusion dependence. They aren't claiming to arrest MPD progression, so they can only postpone anemia for a little while, at best. The evidence that their drug does even that is equivocal.

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      • And how do you know that cyt387 isn't down regulating more of the cytokines expressing the JAK2 mutation and thereby affectively slowing the progression of the disease? Have a great day!

      • Ok I need to jump in here...
        Both INCY and YMI are great, I personally hold YMI and not INCY. But let's be honest, currently INCY is indeed ahead of the game by a few years, 2-3 in my estimate. Now does that deter me from YMI? No, I like YMI because it has potential for me to gain as much money as some of you did who bought INCY 2-3 years ago. Don't get me wrong, i think both stocks are great, and frankly the anemia response rate for YMI is not the main reason I have money there nor do I think it qualifies for people to move money over either. But, for those bashing YMI about it's low price and possible dilution simply do not follow YMI. They have been looking for a partner for a while and have many contenders, I'd be in shock if they diluted. Secondly, INCY has been doing well and has a strong market cap, kudos to you guys for your company's target for FDA approval now.

        The way I see it, both have their flaws
        YMI - behind 2-3 years and only benefit is anemia response (per JAK)
        INCY - high market cap already, can only go so much higher

        and their positives
        INCY - ahead 2-3 years and may take the market by storm since they are ahead leaving little room behind for competitors
        YMI - drug performs well, and low market cap with potential merger brings opportunity for a large $ gain.

        Either way you look at it, if one was THAT much better than the other, then the competitor wouldn't be around. Due to our shareholdings, obviously, at least for now, INCY is better. But frankly, I'd rather hold in YMI for the much larger potential gain than I could gain from INCY. I wish best of luck to investors on both sides, the bashing really shouldn't be taking place. Siding is foolish, it always makes more sense to look at things from a neutral standpoint. I did and I gave my reasons.

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