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  • viseslinger viseslinger Sep 13, 2012 10:26 PM Flag


    no thanks to Barack -- you shouldn't be concerned where barack was born but where he lives. He has wiped out the middle class. For those that make $200K / year and pay an effective tax rate of 30% -- pay more than there fair share -- more than the wealthy payin and effective tax rate of 15%. Thus they can make 400K and pay the same amount. Those under 100K don't have any scratch left to invest/ Middle classs has been removed from the stock market as well as society as they have been left holding the bag of taxes. You can thank barack for paying people not to work! Idiot

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    • You are a little off base there.  The only way someone making 400k a year pays only 15% tax is if they make all that money from capital gains or carried interest.  Otherwise he falls into the 35% bracket by making over $388,350 based on the 2012 tax code

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