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  • greenpastures_2013 greenpastures_2013 Jan 12, 2013 7:02 AM Flag

    Maddison3: Why do you do to #$%$ off Visslinger & TJ with your predictions?

    When you predict this board is absolutely trashed and becomes worthless. When you don't predict there is relevant post content. Please re-consider your comments prior to posting. TJ does have valid posts from time to time on TA and short interest. Your prediction of $19.70 by Friday does none of us any good and results in a joke of a message board.

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    • I will reconsider, but can't believe that my posting a prediction on future price of stock can cause such an uproar. You have my word that I will no longer reply to Viselinger or TJ since they are both on ignore. As far as TJ having a valid post.....anything he has ever posted here can be found easily on the internet....Viselinger is just a wanna be that thinks he knows all.....his post have absolutely NO content... I suggest if you want a good mb you delete both of them!

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