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  • viseslinger viseslinger Jan 20, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    Good thing about MLK day is that's 1 less day INCY gaps down.


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    • Negative Nancy here... Besides losing 3 cents Friday (which you’ve cried about every day since), INCY only dropped one day last week.

      up almost 3 dollars this year (2.60 from the 16.61 it closed 2012 at), or 15.5%, drastically outperforming biotech, and the market as a whole. I wish Vaseline actually knew SOMETHING (anything) about stocks. Who the F is this short bus riding smuck?

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      • So do you actually know anything about this stock, or are you just looking at a chart and getting peeved because you bought at the top? Everyone else in here knows it was a bad earnings call. The person responsible has been shown the door, and a very competent people like Jim Daly have been brought in to right the ship.

        There has been slow and steady, real progress since the disaster on august 2nd. Baricitinib is slowly but surely nearing fruition in a 20B USD market(which is years off, but still), as with other indications for jakafi and royalties for jakavi. It’s really only a matter of time. The rule of thumb on the street is it takes about 4 quarters to recover from a terrible earnings call. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if INCY does it in less time. You’re just peeved because you bought at the height. In the investing world, we call that a sucker, Mr. All Worldly. Check the chart next time and don’t buy at the top when it’s clearly overbought. A smart investor would use the dip to buy down his average buy-in price, but you just complain and cry about it. It’s hilarious. Keep up the entertainment, for our sake!

      • Yes up 2.60 from 16.61 for y/y return of 15% but u r a major duesch bag for not noticing a drop from 26 - 15 or 9/26 = 34% return for going short on this flea bag POS. Somehow i think 34% return beats 15% maybe 2:1 but then u didn't learn much from ur math teacher cause she was spankin u to much. u r not smarter than a 3rd grader.

      • I forgot....


    • There is way too much pressure for the stock to break 20 for any consisderation of that downside worry there, worrywart!

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