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  • tjnelis tjnelis Feb 5, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    it is amazing, these moronic longs

    seeking alpha article pumps incyte, no movement in the stock, not even an increase in volume, if anything a derease in volume

    dow up over 100 points and incyte is still lower lows and lower highs, barely holding to a gain today, and by the signs of volume . will more than likely close red today....and these pumping idiots today act like they are at the prom and maybe there willies might be touched by their dates, if they get them drunk enough......

    gone is the lazards upgrade..............

    MS DOWN GRADE STILL RESULTING in LOWER LOWS And LOWER highs ......ever wonder why they are afraid to talk technicals with me??????

    30 today, oh i forgot.........there has been this need to count BACKWARDS for the last 6 MONTHS now MADDI can predict 18.40 by friday

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    • Whats the matter Dingle berry #1, are you afraid you will come lose from the thin strand of hair that you are clinging on. One good burst of air and you’ll be gone.

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      • you and your lover maddi are about as stupid as they come, you make like you are politicains, point the finger at else, and talk about anything else, but what matters, stocks work on technicals........and you idots have yet to figure that out.....lets see you all are standing on soap box caus, incyte is up .2 today on the day the stock market is 125points and yesterday the stock was down .4 .......if that kinds of recovery is good then i would imagine if you made $5,000 in the stock market in your lifetime you would be lucky............the dow is up what 1000 or 1500 in the last 7 months and incyte is up what??????? oh that is right you will not answer that now will you

      • Dingleberry #1 is doing just that...holding on by a thread..... He really knows that February 14th is the day....for INCY and his pounding from Vaseline.. Augie, you are correct...All berries will be gone on the 14th..

    • Green and moving up steadily this afternoon.... watch out!

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