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  • viseslinger viseslinger Feb 16, 2013 10:46 PM Flag

    On tuesday, I am so certain that incy will go down that I will USE MARGIN and short at least 10,000 shares


    for a nice return next week. Wager me this, will you purchase the same on margin (going long) and come friday we will compare score cards. O wait, you need to hide behind ur mommies apron. Now get back to swabbing Dr Pauls private john. U read way to much of his toilet stall graphitti.

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    • Is that you who sold shares to me at $21.40 ? I've profited enough for the next vacations. Thanks.

    • Shorting a fundamentally sound stock because you can see technical, seasonal or sentiment weaknesses is a really great way to go broke, so I wish you all the best. (Very good traders can get away with it, but I refer you to Reminisences of a Stock Operator along with any second-hand biography of Jesse Livermore for how often even a great trader can get killed)

      I know: there are really only 3 cases of myelofibrosis in the world, polycythemia vera is all in your head and any placebo is as good as another and you are the supervising doc on the pancreatic CA test and know it has already failed. AND copper bracelets cure RA so ther's that market disappearing.

      I mean, there IS NO fundamental bear case against Incyte. PV WILL go on the label Jakafi label. Current trends suggest that bari will hit the market as the ONLY DMARD with no serious adverse effects on the label. Markets fluctuate, but these are pretty good assurance of a long-term direction.

      So go ahead and short. You probably won't get killed this time.

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