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  • jacosa jacosa May 1, 2014 2:59 PM Flag

    The "serious discussion of CC" topic

    As usual, please keep just this one topic free of personal remarks, price predictions, newsletter promotions and the like.

    Ok, I liked the YoY growth; didn't like the QoQ shrinkage. The year-end loading excuse^h^h^h^hplanation rings true, but this is supposed to be the rapid growth period for Jakafi use in MF.

    I dread to think how the market would have reacted if Dr Paul had run this CC. With HH front and center, well, look at the tape. I would prefer if he dialed the accent down a bit, but just a bit (after 30 years in the US, I'm pretty sure he can set it to whatever level he wants).

    Did you notice the bit about p3 results on Bari being available INTERNALLY this year? Sounds like Lily is hoping to follow the common practice of sitting on the first p3 results until a sufficient collection of them are available to support either filing or dropping out [ah, the luxuries of being a drug giant].

    I see a certain inconsistency in the projected research program. It seems that EVERYTHING is moving forward, including a go-it-alone trial of a JAK1 candidate against RA. Management had previously said that there wasn't money to do that. The reasonable conclusion is that they anticipate a large amount of new money within the next 2 years. That could mean that they anticipate partnerships, early success of Jakafi against prevalent solid tumors, or take-out.

    A lot more in there, but that's what I have to say for now. What do you want to point out?

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