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  • tjnelis tjnelis Jul 3, 2014 7:41 AM Flag

    open discussion on 2q potential results

    sales 77M (will take many years for it to reach managements 125M for MF as off label grows quickly already at 13% as of last q)
    contract labor 10M ( looking for this to totally disappear soon)
    royalty 11M
    interest income 2M
    total of 100M

    SG&A 40M and exploding
    R&D 81M

    total 121M

    Loss 21M OR a grand total of 1.5 Billion and counting
    shares 168M will explode higher in 2015 with senior debt conversion and options granting to management
    LOSS of .13 per share

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    • I would guess 80 MM of "Jakafi" sales (I expect Jakafi sales for MF to hit $125MM around Q3 of '15) and 13-15MM of royalties. SG&A is hard to call; I'll give you the 40MM, but can't see why you'd call that "exploding." Contract income is also hard to call, but with Incyte conducting the trials on the immune-oncology cooperations it isn't going to go away. Your R&D number might be low--so many of the clinical trials are set up as investigator-sponsored that it's hard to judge. But Janus 2 is going to be an expensive trial eventually, even if it isn't starting fast. So yeah, a GAAP loss.

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      • I agree that I could be low on R & D, SG&A is up like 75% from a year ago.......with Jakafi sales at 73 m in 4th q , 70 m in 1st q, and ok 80 m in 2nd q, with OFF label at 13% and growing at about 1% a quarter, i do not see how you get to 125 in 3rd q of 2015 on MF sales......that is better than 50% growth in 5 quarters, I see it more like 1st q of 2017 for 125m in MF

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