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    • A stop limit order is like a stop order, a stop
      sell order tells the broker to sell your stock at the
      market price when it drops to a specific price, the
      order then becomes a market order and will sell at
      whatever the market is, the danger in that is in case of a
      gap where the stock opens or drops a few points all
      at once. The stop limit order tell the broker to
      sell the stock when it reaches a certain level but not
      to sell it for less than a given price. Example:
      INCY is selling at 20 right now, a stop limit order
      with a stop at 19 1/2 with a limit at 19 1/4 means
      that you sell order at 19 1/4 or better will be
      entered if the "bid" price reaches 19 1/2 if the bid
      reaches 19 1/2 and the order does not go off at 19 1/4
      because of other orders in front of you and the stock
      goes to 19 nothing is done until the stock goes back
      up to 19 1/4 and then the stock will sell. Hope this
      helps you understand.

    • Trader1001,

      I think that you are an
      informed investor who is knowledable in the area. Your
      posts are insightful.

      I have just recently
      gotten into stocks. I have followed and analyzed several
      for a long while though. Unfortunately, my lack of
      knowledge lies in the financial aspect. I only know how to
      go long and how to short. I know nothing of options
      or puts or calls. And, I definately don't understand
      how a stop limit works.

      If you have the time,
      could you please explain these items, especially a stop
      limit to me?

      I thank you for your time and

    • can you please explain stop limit orders to me?
      All I really know is going long and shorting, I have
      strong analysis skills but my financial skills are not
      as adept.

      Can you please explain the process
      to me.


    • Unless the market tanks, the stock dropped just
      1/16th below your call, and on the day you called it. I
      guess the next question is when does it hit 24, and are
      you just lucky,using charts or basing the pricing on
      some other stock or index?

    • I believe that by taking small gains and mentally
      applying them against future trades you can become more
      agressive, don't forget the age old saying, the larger the
      risk the larger the gain, by trading this stock this
      week for 3 1/4 points I can re-purchase the stock at a
      point lower that my last sale and mentally tell myself
      that I made 3 1/4 points so I really paid 3 1/4 points
      less, so just for comparisons, traders that have put in
      buy orders hoping to get this stock for a bargin
      haven't hit the number but on the other hand I have
      basically purchased this stock for $20 when you factor in
      the gain earlier this week applied against the 23 1/4
      price paid wednesday at the close. Just a little food
      for thought, good luck to all.

    • the time will be tomorrow .

    • Can you give me the exact time and day those prices will be hit? I think you are making an exact science out of something that ain't.

    • you can buy at 20 9/16 and sell it at 24 nest week.

    • I think what you're doing is interesting, I just
      have had better luck holding longer than 2 days.
      Anyway, recognizing the movement of this stock, I put in
      a buy at 21 on Mon. It's clear that I didn't even
      get it in todays disaster. I'll keep the order in for
      a few more days and see what happens. But it sure
      does look like there are buyers for this puppy at
      these levels.

    • The low for the week was friday and I caught the
      bottom at 21 1/8. It got to about 25 1/4 on tuesday when
      my stop sell went off at 24 1/2, I waited and bought
      today at 23 1/4 and expect a rise thursday and early
      friday with a slight fallback late friday as no-one
      wants to hold for the weekend. good luck

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