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  • suckerally suckerally Mar 8, 1999 4:36 PM Flag

    Say again, support at $25?

    Didn't someone mention support at $25?
    Well, time for it to kick in, right?

    But don't keep your breath - sorry longs.
    We're on our way to $12 1/2.
    Whether you like it or not.

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    • The next five years are likely to be better

      For this year revenues WILL increase sharply. WITH
      ZERO DOUBT. Contracts have already been signed that
      haven't contributed to 1998 ! And I guarantee (if that
      means anything to you :-} ) that more deal expansions
      and/or near partners will follow in 1999 and 2000. etc.
      If you want a drug to treat/cure Alzheimer's etc.
      it's a HUGE help knowing alot about the gene
      responsible for it. There are so many diseases, conditions
      that will have what seems now to be miraculous

      One good question you raised was why haven't INCY's
      partners have anything in development ? As a practical
      matter the pharmas don't have to release every detail
      about all the drugs they have in development. So they
      don't. A small biotech company whose life depends on one
      or two drugs HAS to realease every detail to keep
      investors from....panicking ?

      This argument is
      interesting....the long side arguments are too long-term oriented to
      be relevant to the shorts, and the short side
      arguments are too short-term oriented to be relavant to the

      This is a clash of time-horizon

    • So these tight bollingers are giving you that
      warm feeling, eh? I guessed it! Incy is ready to fly!
      Oh yes! Seriously, I agree!
      Incy is ready to
      But gee, something must be wrong, because why
      does it stay GROUNDED when it's been ready to fly FOR
      YEARS now???

      Regarding long-term performance, oh
      yes, that's my favorite subject. Is that the 1yr
      return of INCY you are referring to?
      Or perhaps the
      three year return vs. the Nasdaq?

      Don't worry,
      tdeank. You may have lost a bundle, but you can still
      sell your INCY.

    • I have no idea what 'the people at the top' have
      to say about this matter. Or what they HAD to say.
      Presumably the enormous, vast, gold-plated future of this
      wonderful industry has not changed all that much over the
      last 12 months.
      But do I feel as if I were missing
      some information?
      You seem not to realize that this
      stock has been, simply put, CRASHING through the floor
      during that year, taking all those listening,
      intelligent, knowledgable longs with them. Including you, I

      So there. Go figure what it's worth to know all
      about your awesome genetics landscape.

      you should indicate how much knowledge of biology is
      required to invest in INCY. Hopefully that'll shake out a
      bunch of nitwits holding INCY here.

    • phrased it ;-), is that INCY is severly oversold.
      Check out the stoastics and the bollinger bands are
      tightening up this is ready to fly silly boy.

      term potential of this one is beyond your intellect
      however I do see the comic relief in your posts as a
      plus, however I doubt your over 10 or 11 years

      Good luck with your attempt to gain some attention I'm
      done talking to you untill your present some
      legitimate data pro or con.

    • Dear Suckerally,

      I suggest that you go to
      your local medical school and check out a couple of
      books on genetics, cell biology, and pharmacology. If
      can understand the concepts, you will find that the
      knowledge aquired by companys such as Incyte will be the
      root of medical care in the coming century. The
      expansion of the life sciences will make the information
      age look trivial.

      Your posts which highlight
      the risk inherent in these types of companies is
      pertinent. Nobody here is not aware of these risks. As those
      in 'the know' recognize, the genetic landscape is
      vast, complicated, potentially awesome but largely

      Have the revenues from companies such as
      Incyte been realized? Of course not. Have revenues from
      Internet companies been realized? Of course not. Do both
      offer potentially exciting technologies. YES! The only
      difference is that anyone can access Yahoo to find a missing
      friend and only a few have the appropriate training to
      acknowledge and understand the genetic revolution. I suggest
      you consider what the people at the top have to say
      on this matter before you maintain your short
      position on this stock. You may well be right, or you may
      well be wrong, but I would not play in this sector
      without at least a little understanding of biology.

    • the dead cat's bounce. It's a technical thing.
      The trend stays firmly down.


    • There have been ZERO clinical trials announced by
      Incyte's partners relating to drugs based on Incyte's
      genomic information (except if you count diaDexus, the
      diagnostics partnership between SmithKline Beecham and INCY).
      Human Genome Sciences, on the other hand, has announced
      3 trials based on its discoveries. HGSI, however,
      has to report its trials since they are material to
      its earnings. Pfizer, B-Meyers, Johnson and Johnson,
      etc. don't have to talk about Phase 1 trials since
      these events have negligible impact on near term
      earnings. In fact, for competitive reasons they generally
      don't want to discuss these trials. But again you're
      right there is no evidence that trials on Incyte based
      candidates have taken place.
      Surely it's not
      inconceivable that since HGSI has 3 genomic drugs in trials
      that a few of Incyte's 26 partners might have 1 or 2
      drugs in trials, too.

      Final thoughts...Why have
      Pfizer, J&J and every single other subscriber who's
      subscription period has run out renew their subscriptions (and
      in many cases EXPAND)? Why do these companies
      continue to renew? Don't they know that the information is
      useless? Don't they know about the public databases?

    • they will have to pry the chair from your ass after this day's over. GOOD news coming....

    • they will have to pry the chair from your ass after this day's over.

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