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  • Wooden_Soul Wooden_Soul Mar 31, 2000 4:55 PM Flag

    Time to quit sitting idly...


    Alright, I've watched this go on for too long.
    Incyte is a very wonderful company and not many people
    seem to see this. True, I may work for them but I'm
    not trying to "sell" any hype. Incyte keeps coming
    out with good news tidbits and nothing is done...
    Where are the buyers?? We change names to show that
    Genome Systems' (which was very profitable here in St.
    Louis) ideals have been incorporated and there's no
    relief in the stock drop. For those of you who haven't
    been following, Incyte has changed to allow small
    biotechs and academia (which Genome Systems had been
    catering to for nearly a decade) access to it's database
    via the internet. Now you can't tell me that the
    internet/biotech combination isn't a winner?? Oh, and as for those
    people coming on our board who own other stock...
    They're scared of this dip too but they choose to use
    propaganda to scare us worse. Case in point:

    So what should be your reaction? I say stick with
    INCY and leave those other guys to play their games.
    We will be on top when the smoke clears. If I didn't
    believe in them this strongly then I sure as hell
    wouldn't be working for them. -My 2 Cents-

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    • and repond...(anyone)

      just learning myself
      but as i understand it... the stock jumped say $10 in
      value the other day without a trade i.e. overnight. the
      market abhors a vaccuum ... therfore the stock traded
      down to fill the gap befor continuing uptrend.

      long incy

    • Good post. Ventner is a great salesman. But I can
      say this with a good degree of accuracy. The
      management of Incyte has the attention and
      confidence of
      the genome and pharmaceutical
      community. INCY may
      not have the scientists
      that the Cambridge crowd
      has, but it does have
      the computers, the contracts,
      and the patents.
      I covet this stock, MLNM, AMGN,
      and now CBMI,
      soon to be CURIS. It takes balls to
      buy them
      and hold them. How many people bailed on
      this week at 60 or MLNM at 105 and feel like

    • I hope that was supposed to be a compliment and
      not a reflection of Microsoft's recent problems with
      the Justice Department..seriously incyte should be
      valued much higher than it currently is.

      By the
      way..pardon my ignorance.. but what did you mean by " filling
      the gap between 100 -110"?

      Anyway I'm long the
      stock... wish everyone the best.

    • any kick-ass scientists that can make bold
      declarations and keep the press hypnotized and off-track.
      Really, Incyte should invest in a Venter or Hasseltine.
      Have you guys read the Genome Newsweek issue and the
      Drosophila Science issue? Man... what huge egos. But they
      get a lot of good press -- even when they don't
      deserve it.

    • But, honestly I don't see the

      Stock goes up and down, profit taking
      Investors all have different situations,
      but what a
      buying opportunity here,
      on the UP leg after the
      bungee dive last week.

      You won't see price this
      low again for the
      rest of the year.

      can bet on it.

    • Incy is just filling the gap between 100 and 110. was up late last night and read somewhere (CBSmw???) that an analyst called incy the msft of gene stocks. incy will be a fabulous long long hold.

    • This co. has something on the order of 160
      patents on genes and it freely licences the information
      to any drug co. Therefore if any or all come up with
      marketable drugs..these guys gets getting
      drugs approved takes years but check back in the wall
      street journal of a few months ago.. these guys are
      good!! So why pray tell is the stock down?

    • <EOM>

    • ...IMHO, of course.

      I am quite convinced
      that INCY will make a great deal of money and I have
      spent some time trying to devise a plausible analogy.
      Any help in devising such an analogy is welcome. The
      one presented below is not perfect. Also, let me
      state that I am NOT a patent

      Drugs/compounds (products) created from the sequences are indeed
      patentable. Precedent for this is the fact that products from
      other compounds/chemicals/whatever are patentable. One
      example is aspartame, the sweetener, which had a patent
      that includes taste. So definite precedent exists.
      (There are many other examples, if anyone can clarify or
      enlighten please do so.) But the _products_ are not being
      given away for free (unless I grossly misunderstand the
      business plan).

      Which leads to the genetic
      information itself. Here is the flawed analogy I conjured:
      let's say you wrote a book and published it. You get a
      royalty everytime someone buys it and your permission
      must be given before someone reprints any part of it,
      but it also is available free to the public via
      public libraries. You still will make money and some
      people read your work for free. Now let me tell you a
      few problems with my analogy...first, books have a
      copyright, not a patent. Second, won't everyone just use the
      library? Perhaps, but some aspects, including SNPs, aren't
      so easy to deal with. Third, in 20 years, I envision
      using my handy table top sequencer to get the dirt on
      my kid's sweeties, (it's an exaggeration--don't get
      excited) so everyone will be able to get the information
      quickly and easily, so it doesn't matter if it's publicly
      available. (There are more flaws and I'm sure I'll see them

      Even if everyone uses the public library for gene
      data, that still should not effect in any way the
      products created from the DNA sequences already patented
      by INCY. So INCY's patent and royalty position is
      very strong. INCY has been patenting for years and
      will continue to receive patents for years to come.

      Finally, INCY will receive royalties from current and past
      database users from drugs created from use of INCY's

      Itvestor, I hope that helps. My apologies for the flawed
      analogies, but I hope they work for you. Perhaps a
      knowledgable patent attorney or chemist can help. Also, thank
      you for your kind comment.

      Good Luck in your
      INCY position.

    • Thanks for the erudite clarification; you have far more patience than I. You are right that the c is for complimentary DNA _clone_. Good luck on your INCY position.

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