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  • blackmonday1987 blackmonday1987 Feb 9, 2013 7:50 AM Flag

    Kidding aside, within the next few weeks there will be a settlement, probably in the one billion area.

    The government will make some money, they will also have sent a message to all rating agencies to not even think about downgrading America and life moves on, MHP will rocket back somewhere close to $58 and we all continue as if nothing occurred. I am buying more on Monday should it continue down....

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    • GS settled for a billion and change and justice was asking for 3, I think they settle for 2 billion. Look they can drag this out if they want to and have a good chance of winning MHP that is.. but I doubt they will, it's putting the spin off in jeopardy

    • You are half right there will be a settlement but not in a few weeks. It will be less than $5 billion and it will take years to settle the matter. The hit to MHP and MCO are so overdone but that's what markets do overshoot both to the up and downside. This stock will slowly recover towards $50 over the next month or so as soon as the media finds something else to talk about. Look at MCO's chart yesterday just after 2pm I got in at $41 and sold at $43.29 a before the close. The stock was in freefall like you see on rare occasions base on rumor and the weekend coming. You almost always make money when there is blood in th streets. Also read the Friday Bloomberg article here on Yahoo about this additional excellent lawyer MHP just added to the defense team.

    • cherry on top: Hillary 2016 contribution.

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