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  • Flourface Flourface Aug 21, 2008 5:09 PM Flag

    somebody pinch this happening?


    ...I'm in shock...if this is fo real then, as usual, I completely misread the situation. the only thing i should trade is marbles. I feel like the blind pig right now...Can't believe we closed at the 650% up mark too. If this can keep on keepin' on...hell we just might make some big time CASH. JONESIE! what the hell/ How come you weren't smacking me back in line when i began to lose all faith? Damn it man! At any rate, this was fun to watch's to another fun trading day tomorrow (imagine me raising a cold can-o-BEAST" Seeya all tomorrow AM.

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    • I have seen this before. Sometimes it happens, but most dont. An example of something similar is when I bought 200000 shares of SYNS, a so called coffee company. I cant remember the particulars, but I only paid about $300 for it. It went to about $600 and I sold. I watched it for a year or two. It seemed to have no news and little information in both the beginning and as time went by. It went all the way down to 0.0002. Then they did a reverse merger and there was no reverse split. The coffee company and all its information seemed to vanish as if it was never there. The company kept the fairly low outstanding shares as is with no reverse split after they formed a high end rental company. The supposedly rented boats, fancy cars, etc. to high rollers and high living people. The stock slowly rose with some ups and downs, but in an 8 month period it I think it went from 0.0002 to 0.45 share. If I held all along, I would have had about 90K or so. The story of my life in so many ways. Now it is drifting quite low. I forget what the new symbol is at the moment, but if you look at you might get the link to the newer (1yr or so) ticker for Carefree or something like that.

      Lets hope we get to $0.45 here and above. It is possible. It has been there.....

      Trying to hold for that long run again...............

      Good luck to all..........

    • Too good to be true? How about a new business plan with new mgt and new investors with a stock that has very little shares outstanding, going into the hottest entertainment field? call it a NEW ISSUE basically, because now that is what CNMY is, and many new issued open in the $10-20 range, think of this as a get rich quick gift. Good luck to all that is here, and there are not many of us!