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  • tg5457 tg5457 Jun 25, 2014 10:31 AM Flag

    $70 next week mark this post

    total pie in the sky. Cannabis is a scam. snake oil. effects are all placebo and the hopes of people who are terminal. It's like coffee enemas-- everybody said they'd cure cancer. It's sad that companies like this tap into the last hopes of the terminally ill or severely afflicted. $1.6 billion market cap for NO sales NO Profit.
    C'mon folks use your heads. It's NEVER going to happen or justify that insanity.

    You STILL want to make money -- then short this stock -- donate some of the profit you make to a
    cancer charity-- that's the best way to make this stock turn into something good.

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    • You are a complete CLOWN! LOL

      Look up William Brooke O'Shaughnessy. 150 years of epilepsy curing efficacy.

    • tg, i agree, looking at the chart, its at high risk , and other factors play a role in a pullback in the share price. I love GWPH, but would sell now, and re buy at a lower price. This is no pump ! I sold today at 91 and will re buy when it reaches low 80s . Not sure I see 70s but its possible. I am long, but will add more shares with this strategy. I know longs hate to hear this, cause i have been for a while, but here to make money . Good luck with your decisions brothers and sisters. Green Rush Investors on facebook is very helpful ! Even Stock Chat.

    • This is not being promoted to cure the terminally ill. One of the main research studies is for epilepsy seizures which the Epilepsy foundation endorses future research and legalization. We do know for a fact that MJ products do significantly reduce many types of pain and induce an appetite in seriously ill patients that are losing weight. How much money will big Pharma lose if safer alternatives to their expensive and dangerous drugs are found. Yes many of it's uses are still being researched but this company is actually doing R&D which costs money and takes time. You painted a very broad simplistic condemnation of this company.

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      • separate the idea from the company. this stock is so overvalued that there is no way in the world, even if their 'drug' was a hit that it could produce a return at this insane market cap.

        It's all about the money-- get rid of your emotion and you'll see the valuation is criminally high.

        I think within 6 months investors could easily come to their senses and this stock will be trading single digits again.

        Don't throw your money away. You worked too hard for it to give tif to the sheep who push these stocks up and over the cliff and you go over with it.

      • "This is not being promoted to cure the terminally ill."

        Yes it is. Many of the kids with epilepsy die from their seizures and no other drug stops the seizures. Their diabetes drugs could save lives and so could the brain cancer drug . . . .

      • tg makes a strong point on the pullback and its a high risk hold and buy at the moment. Sell, wait for the pullback, and load more. I love GWPH, but here to make $$$$$$$

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