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  • rsptn66 rsptn66 Mar 26, 2010 12:32 PM Flag

    Does anyone know why this stock is down?

    No pumping or bashing please, I just would like peoples thoughts as to exactly why this stock is down because the earnings were not that bad. They had a small profit when they lost 11 cents in the same quarter last year. Hiring new salesmen means they are expecting to have new customers and a stronger business.

    So why did it gap down when it should have gapped up? Is it a buy here? tia

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    • i have owned this stock on and off since 2004, not as long as EB but long enough to have witnessed several disappointments and one huge runup that made many of us tons of money. this is a long-term play at this point. nothing will happen until management can grow the top line. they have to figure out what happened to the once promising energy business and they have to increase their share of business with Polaris. without any growth in revenues you will never breakout of the $1.75 to $3.00 trading range.

      if you have faith in the new President then you plunk down some cash and hope for an announcement of new business which will light a fire under the stock price. that is your only hope. he has the team in place and the factory capable of doing the business. you wait and maybe get lucky enough to see another great runup like in early 2008

    • wscisucks Mar 26, 2010 12:44 PM Flag

      They earned 1 cent. They will earn maybe 12 cents for the year. At 20 times earnings you are fully priced at $2.40. Traditionally this trades at 10 to 15 times earnings.

      Why would you expect the stock to go up when there was no news about new business and the energy business is weak? Sounds like wishful thinking if you are honest with yourself

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      • Even though the stock is a value at this price it will take the announcement of new business or growth in the energy area to push the price up.

        If and when that happens this being a micro cap you could easily see 50-100% price appreciation from these levels. Until then expect boredom.

        The good news in this report is that they are getting more aggressive in seeking new business and that they are buildingtheir corporate infrastructure.

        The next report for the 3rd quarter is in late June. It's their biggest quarter and if they announce strenght in energy or new customers you should see a large percentage pop.

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