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  • argyle46 argyle46 Jan 8, 2013 5:54 AM Flag

    Note to the CEO

    If you want to this company to enter the big leagues, start becoming more responsible. Issue a PR pre-announcing the earnings date, and announce earnings during pre- or post-market like almost every other company...not in the middle of the afternoon.

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    • The company normally announces earnings after the close. The only exception being 1st quarter as the date coincides with their annual meeting which is held in the afternoon. They have had the same procedure for as long as I can remember going back about 7 years. While most companies announce before or after close there have been other large companies which have released during regular hours. Doesn't matter when they announce, as long as everyone knows when. In this case everyone knew when as they have followed the same procedure for years.
      This company has made progress over the years regarding their disclosure. Yes they still have some improvement needed in this area and its good that you express your concerns as perhaps it will help them strive to do better in their next 2nd quarter release which will most likely occur 3rd week of March.

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      • As I am living testament, the company should not "assume" investors have been here 7 years and know when earnings will be released through osmosis. I for one was completely unaware earnings would be announced, much less in the middle of the trading day. They need to pre-announce what day earnings will be out, and give an approximate time or at least say during trading hours. No reason for them not to be announced in pre-market, even in Q1 during annual meeting day.

        Just because it's the way it's always been done, doesn't mean it's right.

    • Our energy business is a little soft, boom, down 14%, what the #$%$
      Who is the #$%$ in p/r?

    • If I were you I would hire some analysts, not one analyst covers this stock on yahoo finance.
      How could that possibly be for a company who has had short term success?

    • Excellent point.....
      Furthermore, you need to really start telling yourselves, the shareholder is a real important component to our success moving forward. You paint a pretty picture with you estimates, but I don't think its that well perceived on the street. I have been following this stock for a long time and when we get close to earnings the stock is pumped up, but unexpectedly, it either misses or there is some announcement in which you mention a certain part of your business is "soft", #$%$, that needs to be communicated well before, not after earnings come out. Every time its a buying opportunity for those short term investors, however the long term ones are getting pushed aside all the time. Then we have to deal with these ridiculous a/b spreads. I'm ready to get out and move on, regardless of the 2% div.

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