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  • sage2123 sage2123 Feb 24, 2011 6:29 PM Flag

    Mark My Words

    The WPO bilked advertisers for years with their rates.

    I have been active on several residential/commercial real estate boards because of the damage they have done.

    In particular, I view Kaplan as a complete fraud, along with other for-profit education groups.

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    • Ah, so you are an activist, not an investor?

      Why the distinction between "for-profit" and "not-for-profit" schools? You think "not-for-profits" don't reap in the cash? Of course they do.

      Is your qualm with for-profits their default rates? Please - they serve an entirely different demographic.

      It is also completely irrational to hold one's school responsible for one's ability to get "gainful employment" in the workplace. You said it yourself - just look at the last two years. No one can get a job. All of a sudden we want to place the blame for our unemployment blues on for-profit education?

      Kaplan put its money where its mouth is: A full 1 month no-risk trial to see whether or not Kaplan is worth it?

      You'll be hard pressed to find that vote of confidence in most any other industry.