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  • sage2123 sage2123 Mar 24, 2011 4:22 AM Flag

    More Kaplan Layoffs

    On top of the 770 already announced.

    Kaplan, a division of WPO, and is it's largest source of revenue.,0,1895977.story

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    • So why isn't this a sub $400 stock now? Also, any updates with the Congressional investigations into for-profit schools? This stock really does look like a screaming sell, yet it holds on. Can a long enlighten me on this?

      Yes, I am short this stock. Actually, I would short the entire non-profit university system if I could (most non-profits are run as little more than kingdoms with cushy salaries and packages that are more appropriate for investment bankers than school officers). The days of dumping debt onto students are rapidly coming to an end, especially as job creation still is unable to absorb the continual onslaught of graduating students looking for meaningful employment. The law school graduate with $200,000+ debt only able to secure a part-time position at his own alma mater helping to mark papers or re-shelve books is not a rare example of someone who did not study. The undergrad with $100,000+ busing tables just cannot be having a good influence on the entire education system with respect to what people were once willing to pay for higher education in this nation.