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  • steph.gates Dec 20, 2012 3:06 AM Flag


    Do not sell any shares for the next two weeks, no matter what. So many people have manipulated this stock, and drove it down to nothing. There are so few shares available in the float, that any shares you have are valuable, and are going to skyrocket as the guys that shorted this three weeks ago try to cover. The shorts obviously did not look to see that institutions own 85% of the 20 million shares. That leaves about 5 million available to be traded. Out of that 5 million, probably a million are just tucked in peoples accounts, leaving 4 million available. Now out of that four million, 1.2 million shares were sold short, mainly in the last month. As the shorts start to see their 40% gains turn into 30% gains they are all going to try to cover. This stock is special because it is the perfect storm, AS LONG AS EVERYONE DOES NOT SELL! You know whats cooler than selling your shares up 6%? Selling your shares up 85% when this goes right back to $2 in the next two weeks. DO NOT SELL AT THESE LEVELS!!!

    P.S. 1) This company is not going to go bankrupt, they own a HUGE percentage of the education supply market share. They are not some fraud pharm company.
    2) As soon as the US budget is worked out, and someone mentions the word "Education Spending" this is going up fast.

    Remember, trade with your brain, its a lot more profitable.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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