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  • hbman2000 hbman2000 Jul 10, 1999 10:34 AM Flag

    Boring Board

    For one of the dominant companies in an industry,
    this board and it's contributors provide virtually no
    meaningful information.
    In an attempt to promote some
    interesting and infomative posts to this thread(and develop
    some insights into the stocks direction)I am going to
    call out some of you who must be reading this info but
    not contributing.

    Let's start with the suits
    on Xerxes avenue who despite their efforts, the
    stock continues to rise. How can you add an extra layer
    of management(COST)over the people who are
    performing and expect improved performance. That's just
    overhead. What do you think about that? Post your

    What about all the people of
    Owatonna/Faribault/Statesboro/Chicago does anyone have anything of value to contribute.
    How are the divisions you are working in performing?
    How are your bosses performing?
    What do think the
    company should be doing?Are you happy with the stock
    price? Should be higher? Should be lower? Do you think
    about these things or are you spending all your time at
    the fairgrounds and the Cedar Inn? Post a

    To the investors and investment firms (Piper?)..who
    is Lazard buying all those shares for????? And what
    are their intentions?They are the company's largest

    If I can get some replys with some insight I would
    appreciate it. Think!!!!

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