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  • lcoecubsfan lcoecubsfan Aug 14, 2013 8:48 AM Flag

    RSOL short term looks bad, long term looks very positive

    There is only one metric to look at with RSOL right now, margins. They are horrible. The entire space is horrible. Short term, the margins are going to suffer. Once more consolidation happens, they buy out more players and the industry continues to grow, the margins will improve. RSOL has a great model, great leadership and expanding an footprint. No doubt RSOL will be a $20 stock in a five years. But RSOL short term is going to be rocky, the headwind in the space and razor thin to zero margins will make things challenging. This is a long term play and a stock for someone with vision. Load up here, forget about it for a few years and you will end up happy. If your a day trader or short, this stock will eat you up.

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    • the stock in a one to one comparison with solar city SCTY is still extremely undervalued here... its a small market cap and easily manipulated by the short sellers. especially since George Bush took all the power out of the SEC in this free market fairy tale c(rap) that has been sold to Joe Average American. Real Goods should at least be ten dollars a share. PERIOD. End of discussion.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy