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  • lcoecubsfan lcoecubsfan Aug 28, 2013 6:39 PM Flag

    RSOL Management

    RSOL is assembling one of the top leadership teams in Solar. Plus, we will see many more acquisitions this year. I am certain big things are ahead for RSOL. Buying here is a no-brainer. This stock will be in the teens next year at a minimum. Back up the truck and load up. I would hate to be short on this stock, any news will bump this stock up 20%. We will see much good news ahead and large gap ups in the price.

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    • I hate when people get on here and pump up #$%$. You offer no true analysis. You and your friend can take your pump and dump somewhere else. RSOL is a big risk. There is potential for gains but also losses. Market cap and EPS are worrisome. However, there is alot of potential in the industry which is why I bought. I also will limit my losses because of the high risk that it provides. Nothing is for sure, and by you claiming it makes you look like an idiot trying to pump people up for your own short term gain. You and your friend write very similiar to each other. Just saying.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Many positive news i expect this month for RSOL.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Yes, sounds like more acquisitions to come and lots of new deals are flowing in. RSOL will be a 200-250M firm by this time next year and we will see this stock in the teens. At that point, we will see SolarCity, Blackrock/Vivint or SunPower come in and buy RSOL for $30 a share. RSOL offers the chance to really create some serious wealth over the next 24 months.