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  • ruthsimeone ruthsimeone Mar 23, 2010 12:01 PM Flag

    Lets show our credentials

    Oracle DBA
    Sun certified Java programmer
    Masters degree from WPI

    Husband CPA & masters from BU

    We did our own analysis and came out with similar #'s as the others. Long a "wicked" lot of shares and calls.

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    • -BS in Chemistry. Started out as a business major, but it wasn't my cup of tea. After all what does "Generally Acceptable Really Mean."
      - Proudest accomplishment in College. My 2nd year in college made the Dean's list on a bet without attending any classes. Took 15 hours and all were Liberal Arts classes.
      -Two grown daughters. Much Smarter than me and in killer Health Care fields for their lifetimes. Masters for both.
      - Taught High School in the Ghetto for a year during College and worked for the Social Security Adm for one year in Watts Cal. Note: Back then it wasn't as bad as the 3rd ward in Houston, and it was the thing to do.
      - Up and down the management totem pole in the semiconductor industry from night shift supervisor, process engineer, mfg manager, director of planner. You name it, I have been there in the semi industry except marketing/sales.
      - Family relations in the Oil Industry. Why oh why didn't I listen to my Father, Brother in Laws etc?
      - Contract Taxidermist in College.
      - Semi Professional Poker Player - supported myself for one year while I sent my salary home to the Missus and the kids - 15 years ago during an semi industry downturn, when the only job was 1000 miles away.
      - Bought my first stock 40 years ago in College.
      - Got to listen to a Merryl Lynch Huddle back in the late 70's through a friend of mine who had become a ML broker. Everything you think about the stock market is for real. It's an eye opener, when you actually here it and just as bad as you think.
      - Trader for the last year. Again supported myself through my trading.
      - Turned down a 1/20th of an oil well partnership when I was 28 for $5000. The Frigging Oil well came in and paid out for 22 years. Is ATP my second chance?
      - Been a millionaire twice through investments, stock options, and salary. Alas working on it for a third time, (I did right by the ex a year ago). But I must admit it's harder than it use to be.
      - Embarking on a new career this summer in something I know nothing about, but am looking forward to it!
      - Putting my financial house in order, hence covered writing exploration.

      Favorite Quotes:
      - Winston Churchill - "Those who do know history are doomed to repeat it."
      - Warren Buffet - "Does management think that CAPEX comes from the Tooth Fairy."
      - Un Identified CEO from the past I knew - "If you can baffle them with BullShxx and dazzle them with Data your definite Sr. Vice President material.
      - Daniel Loeb - "It's going to the Moon Alice" - Daniel Loeb- 3rd point LLC Hedge Fund Owner, when he was starting out in the late 1990's on Silicon Investor message board.
      - A Boss once told me how he got around the Black Out period for Officers. "I just look at my options and when the stock reaches a certain point, I simply short the stock and pay it off when my options come due. Silicon Valley in the 1990's.


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      • Pre-Ministerial liberal arts B.A(1973). Halfway to a MBA, quit night school 25 years ago. Cut and bend metal for a living. ATGP is my first stock buy. I've been making paper trades for years and always did well. A $5k CD matured and interest rates are weak. My wife encouraged me to make some real trades. AGTP is 40% of our portfolio (also have a little MNKD and OCNW). Swizzled gets the credit. I stumbled across his SA article.

    • I'm a young physician who is learning to take care of my own money. My talent is seeing the big picture. I believe that energy is going to be the most important economic issue over the next decade! There is a lot of money to be made in oil for those who are long. I appreciated everyone's expertise and sharing it with the rest of us. Hopefully this stock will get me off to a good start.

    • I am from Mexico, BD in Philosophy, then MBA. CEO of medium size packaging business for 6 years, then full time investor since 2003.

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      • Compared to everyone else here, it looks like I'm the guy who took the short bus to school.

        48, Canadian, college grad, own a few membership based eCommerce websites that only take a few minutes a day to run, so I end up spending way to much time reading yahoo message boards lol.

        Investing for about 10 years, missed the tech boom, but have done really well during this recovery.

        After seeing the company i'm in on this board, it sure does give me a whole new level of confidence being long ATPG.

        With so many CFA's MBA and PHD's on this board, how could we possibly be wrong?

        To the moon Alice!!!!

    • Yale BA in history, MFA from UCLA. Professional screenwriter with a few forgettable movies to my credit. Still writing, but I'm making a lot more by investing at the moment.

      Veteran of several stock market bubbles and crashes. Hoping this time I've learned my lessons!

      The best part of investing is learning all about new subjects. Each stock is an education, and ATPG is no exception.

      PS Death to shorts!

    • Pipe layer for viagra.It's hard, sweaty work.

    • bennyhollandins Mar 23, 2010 9:14 PM Flag

      ok....I'm in insurance and some real estate in the Houston, area...Short story.....I sold a very nice residential lot a few months back to a couple...The husband is in senior mangement for ATPG...I didn't even know about ATPG at the time, however, he told me I should consider ATPG and feel REAL comfortable investing in the company.,,I'm glad I met him, otherwise, I would never have known about ATPG as I'm not a stock market type of investor...Howver, my return so far has done quite well and I intend to hold till we reach the 40's which is the #'s he gave me,,,,
      Peace and Good Luck..

    • I am a long-term investor who has published an investment newsletter from 1997 to 2002 and published 2 books by McGraw Hill.

      Econ major, worked in the building materials industry out of college, and rose to middle managengemt. Left after about 12 yrs to be self employed. Have owned a small manufacturer and started an export to Asia business for Tecumseh gas engines. My next assignment was to start finanial writing and I love making money in the stock market.

      Diversification across asset classes along with sound portfolio risk management are cornerstones for my investing approach.

      Currently own a fireplace/hearth dealership on Cape Cod.

    • Retired two years past
      401K review - lost my ass
      So now I’m investing
      While my wife’s protesting
      And I love ATP Oil and Gas

      I have a residential builder’s license (since retiring) and left the auto industry as a quality manager/ statistician after 33 years.
      Michigan MBA and extensive life education. Getting my Oil and Gas PhD on this MB.

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      • Don't post much as my level of knowledge pales in comparison to most posters here, but I greatly appreciate all the information freely shared. I've had some expensive lessons in investing the last couple years, but thankfully coming back now, not least due to ATPG. BS in Finance from UT, 35 year career in retail/human resourses gone in a flash with the economy, now property manager over 5 apartment complexes. Investing is a passion, as are fishing, camping, cars, and motorcycles.

    • kingcanute Mar 23, 2010 5:50 PM Flag

      I'm only a new boy so my credentials may not count, but here they are anyway: public school, Oxford followed by a number of years writing some of the worst commercials seen anywhere in Europe. No real skills but undeservedly lucky on a regular basis. Also, my mother thinks I sing quite well and I did catch a smallish but very good brown trout this afternoon which I feel should count for something.

    • high school dropout, unemployed, work the street corners...have managed to scrape up $300,000 in tin can donations which fortunately I invested in ATPG back in March of last year. Now eying a piece of prime beachfront on Kawai. Aloha

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