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  • caseyweb caseyweb Jun 14, 2012 12:59 PM Flag

    ATPG still saying TelemarK will be on line by end of June

    I spoke to Tom yesterday, and he told me what I said. You should call him yourself and find out what they are saying. I also spoke to Al Reese two days ago. Find out for yourself.

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    • And you believe them? Why does no one ever record their supposed calls to IR and the CFO?

      They kept saying the Shell shut in was going to be for 2 weeks. That turned into 4. They kept saying the reworks would not be a big problem. Here we are 5 months later...

      I really want to buy right now, but I just can't risk any more capital right now. The $3M bonus, burning through cash like it's butter, operational issues. It's just too much. I have zero idea what they are doing to f up these wells, but it' not looking good right now. What if the reworks are a dud? what if there is still lots of water leaking from the hole? What production level were we at this time last year? 29K or so if I remember. How are we at 20 with 2 supposedly amazing wells online after that time? How is that possible?

    • Did Tom or Al provide any further explanation for CEO resignation?